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reSearch not guilty of distributing W32/Klez-H virus

A number of customers have contacted us concerned that they may have received a virus via email from

We would like to reassure that we have not been infected or sent any viruses to our customers.

The recent W32/Klez-H worm uses its own SMTP engine, and can appear to have come from any email address. Some infected messages have a sender field and message text which imply that the message was sent by a software vendor (like or even an anti-virus software vendor (the virus can use the names Kaspersky, Symantec or others).

Some customers have also reported receiving unsolicited email apparently from claiming to contain disinfection tools for the W32/ElKern virus or other W32 variants.
These emails contain a copy of the W32/Klez worm and, again, do not originate from

We recommend that users do not open or launch ANY unsolicited executable attachment and keep their anti-virus software updated.

Computer users using Microsoft's product "Outlook" are urgently advised to consider installing a patch from Microsoft which is reported to fix a vulnerability in some versions of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Internet Explorer. The vulnerability is exploited by W32/Klez-H and a number of other viruses.

Please check these links for more information about the virus, removal instructions and more stuff to know about:

Please send e-mail if any links are out of date or if you have suggestions!

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