BDE (Borland Database Engine) installation
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(extracted from INF-Tool's Tips helpfile)

"The installation of the BDE is quite simple with INF-Tool, especially if you only need the standard stuff. Here is how I normally install the BDE for my applications that only need standard-BDE:

·Expand (you can find this file in your BDE-directory. You get a nice bdeinst.dll.)  

·Let INF-Tool register bdeinst.dll via the register OCX feature.  

This will install your BDE. All stuff is correctly installed without you worrying how to do it. The only potential problem is that this will only install the BDE version you have on your system, or if the BDE is not present on your target system, it will install the standard-BDE. However, INF-Tool offers a way to adapt the idapi32.cfg file, too, if you let INF-Tool run a small utility written by you after setup, which does nothing else than configuring the BDE."

Beside that, INF-Tool Professional also contains templates for BDE 4.51 and BDE 5 setup which just require some small adaptations (to the paths of the BDE files on your computer and eventually some language-specific changes) but are ready for being used by you.

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