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Feature list
Choose from 6 (!) supported distribution options!
Method 1: single EXE distribution with or without disk-spanning
Method 2: CAB (Cabinet) distribution
Method 3: ZIP-compressed distribution
Method 4: enter "setup" and press [Enter]
Method 5: right-click the INF file with the mouse
Method 6: use Windows' Software Setup Dialog!
Step by step: creating a setup package with INF-Tool.
Step #1: Project definitions and special management tools
Step #1: howto..
Tool #1: The Setup Project Manager
Tool #2: The INF / INI File Explorer
Tool #3: The AUTORUN.INF creator
Tool #4: The INF Analyzer
Step #2: which files to install ? / Dependency Check / Copy flags
Step #3: define destination directories (optional)
Fixed (hard-coded) destination directories
User-defined destination directories
Destination directories read from the Windows Registry
Step #4: modify registry (optional)
Step #5: creating shortcuts / Start Menu entries (optional)
Step #6: Modify system files
Step #7: User dialogs (optional)
Step #8: Distribute ! (optional)
Setup options and features
..click "OK" !
modify settings of INF-Tool and options for the current INF script
Other features and tips
Modifying an existing setup project
The SETUP.EXE utility
Batch processing (automated packaging)
INF File Explorer and AutoRun.INF file tool
Removing a Windows-compliant program
INF-Tool Tips (Tooltips) configuration
INF-Tool Parameters
Multi-language support
Support for digitally signed packages
Support of Windows 9x, Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000
BDE (Borland Database Engine) installation
Advanced tips and tricks for registered users.
Registering INF-Tool Professional pays.
Benefits and costs
How to register and get the full-featured INF-Tool Professional
Registration form
Support and Updates
Future and History
Features to come
How to avoid potential problems
Copyright, warranties, Contact information and such.
Awards and Rankings
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