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A big THANKS to all those who helped me and/or suggested improvements along the way:
Glenn Crouch
Stephen Wood (
Debi Orton [professional editor of all sorts of technical materials]
Mike Shane [professional editor of all sorts of technical materials]
Alexander Halser ( for his great Help authoring tool which made creating this file a snap.
Robert Manning
[P/A for TRW (whatever that is..) and the Delphi/Pascal consultant for AOL's PC Dev. forum]
Brendan Breen
Alexander Staubo ( for his great & free CAB-SDK translation
Eric Engler
( for his great ZIP library
John Eccles, a self-called "Windows hacker" (yeah, really.. ;-)
Olivier & Vincent Cheminot ( for their french translation
George Tassiulis for his greek translation
Bernt Levinsson for his swedish translation and relevant parts of the "INF File Explorer" (
myself for my german translation ]-) ..
Thomas Smekal for checking the help file for errors (I'm from Austria..)
Nicola Viganò for the italian translation (
Lars Petersen for the danish translation
Krzysztof Bacalski for the polnish translation
Uwe Rückeshauser for translating this helpfile to german
Carlos Camarao de Figueiredo for the portuguese translation
Vlado Svab for the slovakian translation
Atle Borgersen for the norwegian translation
Dirk de Paduwa for the dutch translation
Steve Winsett
and Sebastian Hildebrand for 2 cool designed startup-screens
Primoz Gabrijelcic for his great help on the Cabinet stuff
Florian Robardet for great new "INF-Tool" buttons
Jan Fiala for the czech translation
Zhen-Bang Wei for the chinese (Big 5) translation
Zhang Yan for the chinese (GB) translation

   This program was created with
Borland Delphi.

Help & Manual
made creating this helpfile a snap. Get a free evaluation of this tool from his website at .

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