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Acronyms and Emoticons

Here's a list of some commonly used acronyms, expressions and "emoticons" on the Internet, CIS, in Chatrooms etc.

Much of it is based on a file called CISexp.doc, compiled by Josh Mandel and used by kind permission of the Gamers Forum (Thanks, Nightie). That file itself began as a compilation of earlier WPSG files, compiled by James Bach and Joan Friedman. Other contributors to the list are Sally Neuman, Neil Rubenking, Orville Fudpucker, and Dave Konkel.
Updated 03-13-93 by Axel Roschinski [100022,2647]
Updated 05-05-95 by Richey F. [] (Website
Also contains some german descriptions by Andreas Hascher.

You can also download the content of this page from our download page.

$0.02	Throwing in your two cents' worth
<eg>	evil Grin
<g>		Grin (very common)
<gd&r>	Grinning, ducking, and running! (uncommon)
AAMOF			As a matter of fact (very rare)
Abk.           Abkrzung (german)
ADN            Any Day Now
AFAIC          As Far As I'm Concerned
AFAIK          As far as I know - soweit ich wei
AFK            Away From Keyboard
AISI           As I See It
aka            also known as
AMF            Goodbye (Adios Mutha-......)
ANFAWFOS       And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ANFSCD         And Now For Something Completely Different...
APA            Amateur  Press  Association
AS             On Another Subject
ASAFP          As Soon As Friggin' Possible
ASAP           As Soon As Possible
ATSL           Along The Same Line
AWGTHTGTATA    Are We Going To Have To Go Through ALL This Again?
AWGTHTGTTA     Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?
AWHFY          Are we having fun yet?
AYOR           At Your Own Risc
B4             Before
B4N            Bye for Now
BAD            Broken as Designed
BBIAB          Be Back In A Bit
BBL            Be Back Later
BBR            Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS            Bulletin Board System
BCNU           Be seein' you! (saying goodbye)
BFHD           Big fat hairy deal (a la Garfield the Cat) (very rare)
BFN            Bye For Now
BION           Believe it or not
BMTIPG         Brilliant minds think in parallel gutters
BNF            Backus-Naur-Form
BNF            Big Name Fan
BOT            Back On Topic
BRB            Be right back (typically used when leaving briefly during a conference)
BRS            Big Red Switch
BTA            But then Again (in response to IOW)
BTAIM          Be that as it may
BTHOM          Beats the hell outta me!
BTOBD          Be there or be dead
BTSOOM         Beats the S**t Out Of Me
BTW            By the way
BTWBO          Be There With Bells On
BWQ            Buzz Word Quotient
bzgl.          bezglich
bzw.           beziehungsweise
CADET          Can't add, doesn't even try
CIS            Compuserve Information System (tm)
CI$              (same as above)
CO             Conference
CP             Copy Protection
CPP            C plus plus
CPU            Central Processor Unit
CRPG           Character (or computer) Role Playing Game
CRT            Cathode Ray Tube
CU             See you (bis bald)
CU2            see you too (ja, also bis bald)
CUL            Catch You Later
CUL            See You Later
CUL8R          See You Later (bis spter)
CWYL           Chat With You Later
CYA            Cover Your A**
DDD            Direct Distance Dial (as in the phone system)
DIIK           Damned If I know
DIIK           Darn if I know
DILLIGAD       Do I Look Like I Give A Darn?!
DILLIGAF       Do I Look Like I Give A [*CENSORED*]!
DL or D/L      Download (transmit to you)
DNPM           Darn Near P***ed Myself
DTRT           Do The Right Thing
DV             Datenverarbeitung
DV             DesqView
DWIMC          Do What I Mean, Correctly
DWIMNWIS       Do What I Mean, Not What I Say
EBNF           extended Backus-Naur-Form
EDV            elektronische Datenverarbeitung
EOD            End Of Discussion (Ende der Debatte)
EOF            End Of File
EOL            End Of Lecture
EOT            End of Thread
ESAD           Eat S... and Die
ETLA           Extended Three Letter Acronym
evtl.          eventuell
FAQ            FAQ = Frequently asked questions (haeufig gestellte Fragen)
FB             Files Busy
FCFS           First come, first served
FD             Floppy Disk
FD             FrontDoor
FDC            Floppy Drive Controller
FDD            Floppy Disk Drive
FFRD           Flying freep in a rolling donut (I don't give a...)
FIAWOL         Fandom Is A Way Of Life
FIJAGH         Fandom Is Just A Goddamn Hobby
FIMD           Foot-In-Mouth Disease (open mouth,insert foot,echo
FISH           First In, Still Here
FITB           Fill In The Blank
FLAME          eine beleidigende Message eines Netzteilnehmers an einen anderen.
fn             Funktion
FOAF           Friend of A Friend
FRED           Flaming Ridiculous Electronic Device
FTASB          Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTF            Face to Face
FTL            Faster Than Light
FUBAR          F***ed Up Beyond All Repair
FUBAR          Fouled Up Beyond All Repair
FUBAR          Fouled up beyond all recognition (also as FOOBAR or - as a filename: FOO.BAR
FUBB           Fouled Up Beyond Belief
FUD            Fear, uncertainty, and doubt
FURTB          Full up ready to burst (about hard disk drives!)
FWIW           For What It's Worth
FYI            For Your Information (zu Deiner Information)
g,d&r          grinning, ducking, and running
g,d&rf         Grinning, ducking and running FAST!
g,d&rvvf       Grinning, ducking and running VERY VERY FAST
GA             Go Ahead
GD&R           Grinning, Ducking & Running
GDW            Grin, Duck and Weave
GFR            Grim File Reaper (pervasive data destroyer)
GGC            Goo Goo Cluster (cause zits & intestinal blockage)
GIGO           Garbage in, Garbage Out
GIGO           Garbage In, Gospel Out (people accepting blindly what the computer says)
GIWIST         Gee, I Wish I'd Said That (ich wnschte, ich htte das gesagt)
GLGH           Good Luck and Good Hunting
GMAFB          Give me a freeping break
GMTA           Great minds think alike
GNU            gnu not unix
GO             get off (verschwinde aus meiner Leitung)
GOWI           Get on with it
GPF            General Protection Fault (Old UAE, New Name!)
GP,F           Go Puke, Fast!
GROK           As in "I GROK" means thorough understanding. From R.A. Heinlin
GUI            graphical user interface
HAK            Hugs And Kisses
HD             Hard Disk
HDC            Hard Disk Controller
HDD            Hard Disk Drive
HHO 1/2 K      Ha, Ha, Only Half Kidding
HHOK           Ha, Ha, Only Kidding
HHTYAY         Happy Holidays to You and Yours
HSIK           How Should I Know (sometime HTFSIK)
HTH            Hope this Helps!
HUA            Heads Up, Ace
IAAA           I am an accountant
IAAL           I am a lawyer
IANAA          I am not an accountant
IANAL          I Am Not A Lawyer
IAC            In any case
IAE            In any event
IANAL          I Am Not A Lawyer
IBTD           I Beg To Differ
IC             I see (ich verstehe)
IIABDFI        If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
IITYWIMWYBMAD  If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink?
IITYWTMWYKM    If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me?
IIWM           If It Were Me (Mine)
ILSHIBAMF      I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture!
IMAO           In My Arrogant Opinion
IMCO           In My Considered Opinion
IME            In My Experience
IMHO           In my humble opinion [the speaker is never humble] (meiner bescheidenen Meinung nach)
IMNSHO         In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO            In My Opinion (meiner Meinung nach)
IMPOV          In my point of view
INPO           In No Particular Order
IOU            I owe you... (ich schulde Dir...)
IOW            In Other Words
ISBAB          I Should have Bought A Book
ISR            interrupt service routine
ITFA           In the final analysis
ITMSS          I take myself so seriously (ich nehme mich selbst zu ernst)
ITSFWI         If The Shoe Fits, Wear It
IWBNI          If would Be Nice If
IYFxxx         Insert Your Favorite xxx (xxx e.g. Ethnic Minority in jokes)
IYFEG          Insert Your Favourite Ethnic Group
JAM            Just a moment
JAS            Just a second
JAWS           Just another Windows shell
JIC            Just In Case
JSNM           Just Stark Naked Magic
KBD            Keyboard
KHYF           Know How You Feel
KISS           Keep It Simple, Stupid (um es kurz zu fassen: echt bld)
KMA            Kiss my arm (shouldn't be used online...)
L8R            Later
LABATYD        Life's a bitch and then you die
LAB&TYD        Life's A Bitch & Then You Die.
LAGNAF         Let's All Get Naked And [*CENSORED*]
LD             Long Distance
lib            Library
LLTA           Lots and Lots of Thunderous (or Thundering) Applause
LMAO           Laughing My Arm Off
LOL            Laughing Out Loud
lsg            Lsung
LTIP           Laughing Til' I Puke  (Lachen bis zum Kotzen)
LTNT           Long Time, No Type
m.a.W.         Mit anderen Worten
MC             machine code
MLA            Multiple Letter Acronym
MOF            Matter Of Fact
MOTAS          Member of the Appropriate Sex
MOTOS          Member of the Opposite Sex
MOTSS          Member of the Same Sex
MOTM           Member of the Month
MOTH           Humorous Collectibles Forum variation on Member of the Month
MSC            Microsoft C
Msg            Message
MTBF           Mean Time Between Failure
MTFBWY         May The Force Be With You
MYOB           Mind Your Own Business
n/a            not applicable
NAVY           Never Again Volunteer Yourself
NBD            No Big Deal
NBFD           No Big F***ing Deal
NFG            No Freeping Good
NFI            No Friggin' Idea
NFW            No Freeping Way
NFW            No Friggin' Way!!
NIH            Not Invented Here     (Very common at Microsoft)
NIMBY          Not In My Back Yard
NINO           Nothing in, nothing out
NINO           No Input, No Output
NOYB           None Of Your Business
NQA            No Questions Asked
NTIM           Not That It Matters
NTIMM          Not That It Matters Much
NTW            Not to Worry
NTYMI          Now that you mention it
NUI            Network User Identification
OATUS          On A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUS           On An Unrelated Subject
OAUS           On An Unrelated Subject
obj            Objekt
OBLI           obligatorischer (=verpflichtender) On-Topic Anteil einer Message
OBTW           Oh, By The Way
Ofs            Offset
OFTPATHIRIO    Oh F*** This Place And The Horse It Rode In On!
OIC            Oh, I see (jetzt versteh' ich's)
ONNA           Oh No, Not Again
ONNTA          Oh No, Not This Again
OOTC           Obligatory On-Topic Comment
op             Operator
OTF            On the Floor
OTL            Out To Lunch
OTOH           On the other hand (andererseits)
OTOOH          On The Other Other Hand
OTTH           On the third hand
OTTOMH         Off The Top Of My Head
OWTTE          Or Words To That Effect
OZ             Australia
PABG           Packing a Big Gun
PBM            Play by Mail (Games)
PDN            Public Data Network
ped xing       Fussgaenger kreuzen ( Verkehrszeichen! )
PFM            Pure F***ing Magic
PITA           Pain in the Anatomy
PITA           Pain In The A**
PLOKTA         Press Lots of keys to abort
PMBI           Pardon my butting in
PMFBI          Pardon Me for butting in
PMIGBOM        Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth
PMJI           Pardon my Jumping in
POSSLQ         Person of Opposite Sex sharing living quarters
POTS           Plain Old Telephone Service
POV            Point Of View
PPN            Programmer Project Number; currently known as UserID
PPP            Petty Pet Peeve
PPPP           Previous Paragraph was Polemical Position
PPTSPAHS       Please Pass The Salt, Pepper And Hot Sauce...used when
Prgm           Program
proc           Prozedur
PS             postscript / post scriptum
Ptr            Pointer
QP             Quick Pascal
RAEBNC         Read And Enjoyed, But No Comment  (an APAabbreviation)
RFD            Request For Discussion
RHIP           Rank Has Its Privileges
RLCO           Real Life COnference
RNA            Ring, No Answer
ROFL           Rolling on floor, laughing (krmme mich vor Lachen)
ROF,L          Rolling on floor, laughing
ROFLASTC       Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat!
ROFLGO         Rolling On Floor Laughing Guts Out!
ROFLMAO        Rolling On Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROTF           Rolling On The Floor
ROTFL          Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLAHMS      Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Holding My Sides
ROTFLMAO       Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROTFLTC        Rolling on the floor, licking the glue
RPG            Role Playing Games
RRQ            Return Receipt Request (Empfangsbesttigung)
RSN            Real Soon Now (when WP 6.0 or other vaporware will arrive)
RTFF           Read That Fucking (FAQing, fine, freaking or whatever) FAQ
RTFM           Read That *Fine* Manual
RTFM           Read the "friendly" manual (or message)
RTFM           Read The Farging  Manual!
RTFM           Read The Fershlugginer Manual!
RTFM           Read The Flaming  Manual!
RTFM           Read The Freaking Manual!
RTFM           Read The Friendly Manual
RTFM           Read The Friggin' Manual!
RTFM           Read The Fucking Manual!
RTFMA          Read The Friggin' Manual, Again
RTL            run time library
RTWFQ          Read The Whole Friggin' Question (a pers TRIV fave)
RYFM           Read Your Friendly Manual
RYFM           Read Your Friggin' Manual!
RYFM           Read Your Fucking Manual!
RYS            Read Your Screen
s.Zt.          seiner Zeit
SAPFU          Surpassing All Previous 'Foul' Ups
SCNR           Sorry, couldn't resist
Seg            Segment
SF             Science Fiction or Speculative Fantasy
SFLA           Stupid Four Letter Acronym
SICS           Sitting In Chair Snickering
SLM            See last mail
SMOP           Small Matter of Programming
SNAFU          Situation normal, all fouled up
SNAFU          Situation normal, all fucked up
SnailMail      The U.S. Postal Service
SO             Significant Other
SOGOTP         Sh*t or get off the pot
SOI            Stunk On Ice
SOL            S*** Out of Luck
SOS            Same old Stuff
SOW            Speaking of which
SSDD           Same stuff, different day
SUFID          Screwing Up Face In Disgust
SWAG           Super Wild A** Guess
SWMBO          She who must be obeyed
Sysop          System Operator, person who runs the BBS/Forum
TAF            That's All, Folks !
TAFN           Thats all for Now
TANJ           There Ain't No Justice   (Niven)
TANSTAAFL      There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TARFU          Things Are _Really_ Fouled Up
TBYB           Try Before You Buy
TDM            Too Dang Many
TFS            Thre Finger Salute (Ctl-Alt-Del)
TFTHAOT        Thanx For The Help Ahead Of Time
TFTT           Thanks For The Thought
TGAL           Think Globally, Act Locally
THANX          Thanks
TGIF           Thank God Its Friday
THX            Thanks
TIA            Thanks in advance
TIC            Tongue In Cheek
TINWIS         That Is Not What I Said
TLA            Three Letter Acronym (now surpassed by MLA)
TM             Thread mangler
TNSTAAFL       There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TNX            Thanks
TOBAL          There Oughta Be A Law
TOBG           This Oughta Be Good
TOT            Turbo Object Toolkit, Nachfolger von TTT
TP             Turbo-Pascal
TPTB           The Powers That Be
TRDMC          Tears Running Down My Cheeks
TSJD           Texas Size Jelly Donut
TSR            Terminate and stay resident program
TSR            Totally Stupid Rules
TTBOMK         To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN           Ta Ta For Now
TTL4N          Thats the lot for now
TTT            Technojocks Turbo Toolkit
TTUL           Talk To You Later
TTYAWFN        Talk To You A While From Now
TTYL           Talk To You Later
TTYL           Talk/Type To You Later
TV             Turbo-Vision
TYCLO          Turn Your CAPS LOCK Off (Quit Shouting)          und aehnlich
u.U.           unter Umstnden
u.v.a.         und vieles andere
UAE            Unrecoverable application error (Bane of Windows' users! Now surpassed by GPF)
UL or U/L      Upload (send to the BBS)
UNCLE          Unified Nuclear Coalition of Latvian Emigrants
UTSL           Use The Source, Luke!
w/o            without
WAEF           When All Else Fails
WAG            Wild A** Guess
WDYMBT         What Do (or Did) You Mean By That?
WE             Wochenende
WGAS           Who Gives A [*CENSORED*]?!
WIBAMU         Well, I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle
WIMP           Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointing (to describe Windows and other similar interfaces)
WizOp          Wizard Sysop; the primary forum administrator for a forum
WMMOWS         Wash My Mouth Out With Soap!
WNOHGB         Where No One Has Gone Before
WOA            Work Of Art
WOFTAM         Waste of Flaming time and money
WT             Without Thinking
WTF            What The F***
WTF            What the Freep
WTFDIK         What the Freep Do I Know
WTFZDN         What The FUCKK Zit Doin' Now?
WTH            What the Heck
WTTM           Without Thinking Too Much
WYLABOCTGWTR   Would You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With ThatRemark?
WYLASOMWTC     Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk With ThatComment?
WYSBYGI        What you see before you get it
WYSIWYG        What you see is what you get
WYGIWYPF       What you get is what you pay for
YADS           Yet Another DOS Shell
YAOTM          Yet Another Off-Topic Message
YAxxx          Yet Another xxx
YGLT           You're Gonna Love This ...
YKYARW         You Know You're A Redneck When==
ZKN            Zur Kenntnisnahme
ZNT            Ziffnet

Actions performed by the writer are often wrapped in
smaller-than- "<" and greater-than- ">" signs:

<g>                     Grinning
<gg>                    Big grin (etc.)
<BG>                    Big grin
<eg>                    Evil grin
<ig>                    Impish grin
<dg>                    Devilish grin
<s>                     Smiling
<ss>                    Big smile (etc.)
[s]                     Smiling sarcastically
<g,d&r>                 Grinning, ducking & running
<sheepish grin>
<silly grin>
<lewd wink>
<raising eyebrows>
<arching eyebrows>
<mounting the soapbox>
<falling off the soapbox>


some others:

<!>                     An important part of a message
<?>                     One part of the message contains a questionable item
<ahem>                  clearing your throat just before saying something
<sp?>                   word/name/phrase probably contains a spelling error

CompuSlang is a dialect that constantly grows and changes, although
some of the words and phrases have become standards.

Drop carrier            To disconnect without logging off properly.
Dumped                  Involuntary victim of a carrier loss.
Flame                   To post a disparaging or controversial message.
Lurker                  Someone who reads, and "listens in" on discussions
                        without participating or contributing to libraries.
Netiquette              Accepted practices on a service net.
Thread                  A series of messages or conversations that follow a
                        single thought or topic.


What are they ?
Emoticons are used to convey the spirit in which a line
of text was typed.

How should I look at smileys ?
Just let your head fall on your left shoulder, then look
at the smiley again:

 :    that's its eyes
 -    that's its nose
 )    that's its smiling lower lip

 Together  :-) .
 That's how it works...

Famous and less famous smileys:
:-)         <smile> or <grin>
:)          midget Smile
:>          Midget Smiley
:]          Finde das zum Grinsen
:-) )-:     Masking theatrical comments
:/)         Not funny
;-)         Wink (or wink and a smile) - nicht so ernst nehmen
;)          midget Wink
;>            "     "
:-)))       reeeel happy, big smile
:->         Alternate happy face
:-(         Unhappy / traurig
;-(         crying  / weinen
:-c         Real unhappy
:-C         Unbelieving (jaw dropped)
:-<         Forlorn

;-C         Sardonic incredulity                (unglubigkeit)
:-}         Crooked Smile                       (gekrmmt)
:-i         Semi-Smiley

:-7         User after a wry statement
(@ @)       You're kidding!
:-"         Pursing lips
:-v         Just another face (speaking) profiled from the side
:-V         Shout
:-O           "
:-Q         Raucher
:-w         Speak with forked tongue
:-W         Shout with forked tongue
:-r         Bleahhh (sticking tongue out)
:-f            "
:-p            "
:-1         Smirks
:-,            "
<:-O        Eeek!
:-*         Oooops (covering mouth with hand)
:-T         keeping a straight face (tight-lipped)
:-D         said with a smile
:-P           "   "   "   "
:-y           "   "   "   "
:-|         Disgusted
:'-(        Shedding a tear
:~-(           "     "   "
:~(~~~      crying
:-)....     drool
:-)~~~      another drool
|-)         getting tired
:-D         big mouth
:~)         yummee - lick lips
:-?         Licking your lips
:-8         Talking out both sides of your mouth
<:-)        For dumb questions
:-#         Censored

o=          A burning candle for flames
-=          A doused candle to end a flame
8           Infinity
.-)         User has one eye
:-:         User is mutant
:<)         For those with hairy lips
:^{         For those with mustaches
8-)         Smile with glasses
:*)         Smile with moustache        (Schnurrbart)
8*)         Smile with glasses and moustache
B*)         Smile with Moustache and Designer Sunglasses!
:<)=        For those with beards too
:-=)        Older user with mustache    (Schnurrbart)
:-#|        User with bushy mustache
::-)        User wears glasses
8:-)        Glasses on forehead
B-|         User is wearing cheap sunglasses
P-)         Pirate
:-{         Count Dracula
=|:-)=      Uncle Sam
7:)         Reagan
:~i         Smoking
:~j         (and smiling)
:/i         No smoking
:-I         It's something, but I don't know what....
:-x         Kiss kiss / oder: Schweigen !
:-B         Drooling (or overbite)
<:>==       A turkey emoticon
):-) :-) :-) Loud guffaw
:-J         Tongue-in-cheek comments
:*)         Clowning around
(:-)        Msgs dealing with bicycle helmets
@=          Warning about nuclear war
OO          Headlights on msg
:_)         I used to be a boxer, but it really got my nose out of joint
B-)         Smiling and wearing glasses or sunglasses
             (or a message from Batman)
8-)         Same as previous; also used to denote wide-eyed look
#:-)        :-) done by someone with sort of matted hair
:-o         "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill) - kaum zu glauben
#:-o        Same as previous
|-(         Late night messages
:^)         Messages teasing people about their noses
:-{#}       Messages teasing people about their braces
(:-$        Message indicating person is ill...
(:-&        Message indicating person is angry...
(:-(        Message indicating person is VERY sad...
(:^(        Message concerning people with broken noses
(:<)        Message concerning blabber mouths
:-(=)       Message about people with big teeth
&:-)        Message from a person with curly hair
@:-)        Message from a person with wavy hair
?-(         Message about people with a black eye
*:*         Message about fuzzy things
*:**        Message about fuzzy things with fuzzy mustaches
%-)         Message about people with broken glasses
+<:-|       Message from a monk/nun...
{0-)        Message from cyclops...
(:-|K-      Formal message.
...---...   S.O.S.
@%&$%&      You know what that means...
||*(        Handshake offered (giving)
||*)        Handshake accepted (taking)
<&&>        Message concerning rubber chickens
>< ><       Message about/to someone wearing argyle socks
2B|^2B      Message about Shakespeare
(-_-)       Secret smile
<{:-)}      Message in a bottle...
<:-)<<|     Message from a space rocket...
(:-...      Heart-breaking message...
<<<<(:-)    Message from a hat sales-man...
(O--<       A fishy message...
(:>-<       Message from a thief: hands up!
<I==I)      A message on four wheels
{           Alfred Hitchcock
@>--->----  A rose.
     ..|._  Opposite of a rose
(.)(.)      Ms. Dos
&;-P        A suave guy on the make, who keeps advertising...just in case.
*;-~i       A lady replying to the guy by closing both eyes & puffing
             nonchalantly on her cigarette.
|-(         Nightmare.
|-)         A good dream!  Or a face looking into bright sunlight.
O:-)        Angel (mit Heiligenschein)
|=====/o|    [emoticon.exe\bedtime.ico)
>:-)        Devil
>;-)        Devilish Wink
C=:-)       Chef
:-)##       Guy with a Beard
@:-)##      Guruka Singh Khalsa (note turban and beard!)
&:-]        Overly Handsome Self-Portrait of the Uploader w/Square Jaw (old)
&8-]        Overly Handsome Self-Portrait of the Uploader w/Square Jaw (new)
@@B-)       Bouffant Woman with Catseye Frame Glasses
(8-}        Percy Dovetonsils
>-)         Oriental Smiling Face
;-)}<////>  Corporate-type guy (see the necktie?)
&B-]}<////> Another corporate-type with aviator glasses, wavy hair & tie.
O!O         a MALE moon (visualize someone bending over, naked)
O^O         a FEMALE moon
;|8-)       Hagar caught lying
:*)         I'm drunk
7:^]        I resemble Ronald Reagan
*<|:-)      I'm Santa Claus
)-:|<*      Sanity Clause
:-)))       I'm overweight
[:-)        I'm wearing a walkman
d:-)        I'm a Braves fan
:-o         User singing national anthem
:-\         Popeye smiling face, for people who look like popeye
;-\         Popeye gets his lights punched out
:-*         User just ate a sour pickle
:-s         User after a BIZARRE comment
-:-)        User sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T
:%)%        User has acne
:n)         User with funny-looking right nose
:u)         User with funny-looking left nose
'-)         User only has a left eye, which is closed
(-:         User is left-handed
(-)         User needing a haircut
(:I         Egghead
{:-)        Smiley with its hair parted in the middle
+:-)        Smiley priest
+{:)        Pope (Papst)
=:-)        Smiley punk-rocker
%-^         User is Picasso
%-)         User is cross-eyed
@:I         Turban
(><)        Anally retentive
:-!         Foot in mouth
#-)         partied all night
:-(*)       about to vomit
%-\         hungover
:-|         man playing an harmonica
O:-)        for those innocent souls
=:-)        from a hosehead
:-)8        well dressed
8:-)        from a little girl
:-)-{8      from a big girl
:x(         habe a code in by dose
8:]         from a gorilla
(:)-)       scuba diver
(-:|:-)     Siamese twins
{:V         sounds like a duck
%+{         from the loser of a fight
d :-)       hats off to your great idea
d:)         happy boy with cap
d:-)        message about baseball
q:-)        for those who wear their caps backwards
:-$         put your money where your mouth is

{:-)        Kirk
>:-|        Spock
:-/         McCoy
(:-)        Captain Picard
:-{)}       Commander Riker
<>:{(}      Lt. Worf
**:-)       Counsellor Troi
#-)         Lt. LaForge
])          Lt. LaForge
|-)         Lt. LaForge
|-)         Data
[:-|        Data (straight haircut, no emotions... seems to work better...)

{(:-)       I am William Shatner
} (:-(      I am William Shatner in a high wind

C:-       Charley Chaplin
%\v         Picasso
5:)         Elvis
8(:-)       Zippy
_O)         Taucher
******:-)   Marge Simpson

These emoticons are particularly used by the Japanese
but there is no reason why they should not get worldwide use.....

^^          happiness
^^;         embarrasment
;;          sadness
--          when it's the occasion to bow

 %%%----------------------o("-<   sssssss

           ------       So-low-I-could-walk-under a rattlesnake-&-not
            o o         knock off my tophat

   !       Spider             \~o.O'
  _!_                         =(___)=         Bill the Cat
 (o.o)                           U
 << >>                     ACK! PHPHBT!!

* Frequently used, "ancient" smileys *

 :-)     Lachender Smiley   : Er ist der wirklich am haeufigsten gebrauchte
                              Smiley unter allen. Mit ihm deutet man an, dass
                              das Geschriebene etwas Lustiges oder Freundliches
                              ist.Manchmal mit einer Prise Ironie zu verstehen.
 :-(     Trauriger Smiley   : Er ist Ausdruck von Trauer ueber das vorher
                              erwaehnte. Man drueckt seinen Missmut mit ihm aus.
 ;-)     Zwinkernder Smiley : Wenn man ihn am Ende eines Satzes sieht, so soll
                              man den Inhalt nicht so ernst nehmen.Er wird auch
                              als Veraeppelung benutzt.
 :-}     Schmunzelnder Sm.  : Der Text ist kurios, aber erfreulich, auch Freude
                              ausdrueckend, aber nicht so stark wie :-)
 :)      Lachender Spar-Sm. : Fuer Leute die sich kurz fassen wollen.Gleich Be-
                              deutung wie :-)
 :(      Trauriger Spar-Sm. : Gleich Bedeutung wie :-(

* Special smileys (advanced mode ON..) *

 :-{     Trauer-Smiley      : Auch Trauer ausdrueckend, nicht so stark wie :-(
 :-]     Grinsender Smiley  : Der Schreiber lacht haemisch oder veraeppelt den Empfaenger
 :-[     Verdrossender Sm.  : Nicht besonders gluecklich ueber den Text
 :->     Zyniker-Smiley     : Zynische Bemerkung ueber das Empfangene
 ;->     Zwinker-Zyniker-Sm.: Zynisch, aber dennoch mit viel Witz zu verstehen.
 :-<     Schreck-Smiley     : Der Schreiber ist erschrocken, als er das gelesen hat . ( Starker Ausdrucks-Smiley )
 -:-)  # Mohawk Smiley      : Smiley hat eine Mohawk-Frisur
 =:-)    Punk-Smiley        : Der Verfasser findet die Idee cool, und stimmt zu
 =:-(  # Real-Punk-Smiley   : Der richtige Punker, denn Punker lachen nicht !
 :-)    Starker Punk-Sm.   : Coole Sache, aber mehr Zustimmung.( Ausdruck )
 :-)    Verwehter Smiley   : Wie =:-) aber mit Locken oder Straehnen
 :-)    Haar-Smiley        : Dem Verfasser stehen die Haare zu Berge. Er haette mit dem nicht gerechnet
 :-o     Erstaunter Smiley  : Erstaunt ueber etwas
 :-O     Noch erstaunter Sm.: Findet es noch erstaunlicher
 :-I     "Hmm..."-Smiley    : Verfasser ueberlegt angestrengt
 :-7     Das-war-nix-Sm.    : Der vorhergehende Text war nix
 :-S     Widerspruch-Sm.    : Der Schreiber widerspricht sich selbst
 :-     Nix-Sag-Smiley     : Dem Schreiber ist der Mund "zugeschnuert"
 :-X     Gr. Geheimnis-Sm.  : Darf ein grosses Geheimnis nicht preisgeben
 :-x     Kl. Geheimnis-Sm.  : Texter hat ein kleines Geheimnis und darf dieses nicht weitererzaehlen.
 8-)     Brillen-Smiley     : Verschmitztes Lachen mit Brille
 B-)     Masken-Smiley      : Der Texter verhuellt sich
 |-)     Future-Smiley      : - Wie 8-) nur mit futuristischer Brille
                              - Chinesen-Smiley ohne Hut
 P-)   # Aufwach Smiley     : Smiley riskiert ein Auge
 :-D     Lachender Smiley   : Breites Lachen, stark erfreut ueber das Gehoerte
                              Staerker als :-) aber nicht sooft benutzt
 :-Q     Raucher-Smiley     : Schreiber raucht Zigarrette
 :-?     Pfeifen-Smiley     : Schreiber raucht eine Pfeife
 #-)     Holzbrett-Smiley   : - Verfasser hat gerade ein Brett vorm Kopf
                              - Verfasser hat die ganze Nacht gefeiert
 :-*     Saurer-Smiley      : Texter hat grade was Saures gegessen
 :-/     Skeptisch-Smiley   : Dem Texter gefaellt etwas nicht so gut.

* Artificial smileys and rarely used smileys (for experts only!) *

 :-)    Kappe-Smiley          : Smiley traegt eine Kappe
 C=:-) # Koch-Smiley           : Smiley traegt Kochhaube auf dem Kopf
 :)     Kunst-Nasen-Sm.       : Ein Smiley mit sehr langer Nase
 :=)   # Doppel-Nasen-Smiley   : Smiley hat zwei Nasen (Alien ?)
 :*)     Clown Smiley          : - Ein "Grosse-Rote-Nase"-Smiley
                                 - Etwas angetrunken...
 [:-)  # Walkman-Smiley        : Smiley hat Kopfhoerer auf
 :-{}    Lippenstift-Sm.       : Smiley tragt Lippenstift
 :-{)  # Oberlippenbart Sm.    : Smiley hat einen Schnurrbart
 :-#)    Oberlippenbart2 Sm.   : Smiley hat einen Bart
 :-=)  # Oberlippenbart3 Sm.   : Smiley hat einen kleinen Bart
 {:-)  # Toupee-Smiley         : Smiley traegt ein Toupee
 }:-(  # Toupee-weg-Smiley     : Das Toupee fliegt davon
 ]:-) # Ziegenbock-Smiley     : Ein Ziegenbock mit Bart
 -)     Zyklop-Smiley         : Einaeugiger Smiley
 *-)   # Zyklop-2-Smiley       : Noch ein Zyklop
 -)     Ein-Aug-Smiley        : Smiley hat ein grosses Auge
 8:)   # Gorilla-Smiley        : ein Gorilla-Smiley eben...
 :-0   # Ruhe-Smiley           : Ermahnt alle, ruhig zu sein
 %-)     Verwirrter Smiley     : Kapiert nicht alles
 ]:o     Bullen-Smiley         : Ein Bullen-Smiley
 :-[]    Bruell-Smiley         : Lautstarke Aeusserung des Texters
 ~~:-| # Gruebel-Smiley        : Texter denkt scharf nach, so dass es raucht
 :-(*) # Kotz-Smiley           : Schreiber uebergibt sich gleich
 O:-)    Engels-Smiley         : Der Texter ist ein "Engel"
 X-|   # Toter-Smiley          : Verfasser ist soeben von uns gegangen
 O-)     Polizei-Smiley        : Schreiber hoert eine Polizeisirene
 :%)%  # Pickel-Smiley         : Ein Smiley mit Pickel
 8=c   # Gasmasken-Smiley      : Smiley befuerchtet giftige Gase
 d:-]  # Bauarbeiter-Smiley    : Smiley mit Bauhelm
 d8=   # Biber-Smiley          : Biber mit Bauhelm...
 >:-)    Teufels-Smiley        : Teuflische Bemerkung
 >:-<  # Verrueckter Smiley    : Schreiber dreht durch
 :-     Vampir-Smiley         : Smiley ist ein Vampir ( Zaehne )
 :-)    Dschungel-Smiley      : Smiley mit Stock durch die Haare
 (-:-) # Siamesischer Smiley   : Siamesische Zwillinge
 -o   # Schlaf-Smiley         : Smiley pennt vor sich hin
 |-)    Chinesen-Smiley        : Schlitzaugen und Huetchen
 -|     Verbrecher-Smiley     : Smiley hat "zensierte" Augen
 B|   # Venezia-Smiley        : Smiley im Venediger Karneval
 B:-)    Brille-2-Smiley       : Er traegt die Brille auf dem Kopf
 :-9   # Schmatz-Smiley        : Dem Texter hat das Essen "gemundet"
 :-6   # Zunge-raus-Smiley     : Smiley streckt die Zunge raus
 :-*   # Kuss Smiley           : Smiley kuesst jemanden
 :-     Sabber-Smiley         : Der Smiley sabbert
 :-o~  # Sabber-2-Smiley       : Er trieft...
 O-   # Taucher Smiley        : Smiley mit Taucherbrille und Schnorchel
 3:]   # Schosshuendchen-Sm.   : Ein Schosshund-Smiley...
 :C)   # Schweinchen-Smiley    : Eine Schweine-Smiley...
 *:o)  # Crusty-Clown-Sm.      : Crusty-the-Clown Smiley
 <:-)    Hausender Smiley      : Smiley hat ein Dach ueber'm Kopf
 |8-) # Hubschrauber-Smiley   : Hubschrauber-Pilot
 :-     Verbots-Smiley        : Dem Smiley ist es verboten worden, dies zu sagen
 :-v   # "Hard-Chatting"-Sm.   : Smiley redet und redet und redet und . . .
 *<:-)   Sm. mit Pudelmuetze   : Skifahrer Smiley bzw. Nikolaus Smiley
 +C:-)   Religioeser Smiley    : Etwas religioeses wird angesprochen ( Papstkappe
 +<:-) # Arzt-Smiley           : Smiley ist medizinisch bewandert
 Z-:-) # Radio-Smiley          : Texter ist "auf Sendung"
 H-:-) # Fernseher-Smiley      : Schreiber sieht grade fern
 :-$   # Geldgieriger Sm.      : Verfasser lechzt nach Geld
 :-%   # Boersen Smiley        : Texter ist bei der Boerse
 :)     Kleine-Nase-Sm.       : Smiley mit ganz kleiner Nase
 :^)     Lange-Nase-Smiley     : Smiley zeigt einem die lange Nase
 :u)   # Knollen-Nase-Smiley   : Smiley mit grosser, dicker Nase
 :)   # Pinocchio-Smiley      : Dem Schreiber waechst eine lange Luegen-Nase
 :)   # Haken-Nasen-Smiley    : Smiley mit Hakennase
 :(   # Schnupfen-Smiley      : Verfasser ist erkaeltet
 )      Nase-Verkehrt-Sm.     : Dieser Smiley hat seine Nase zwischen den Augen
 :-     Nun-Tja-Smiley        : Smiley verzieht den Mund
 :-     Geht-Schon-Sm.        : Smiley verzieht laechelnd den Mund
 :-J     "vielleicht.."-Sm.    : Texter ueberlegt es sich
 :-P     "naeaeaeh.."-Smiley   : "Das is 'ne miese Idee !"
 :-q   # Nase-schleck-Smiley   : Versuch, mit der Zunge die Nase zu beruehren
 :`-(    Weinender Smiley      : Smiley hat Traene im Auge
 :`-)    Gluecklicher Smiley   : Smiley weint vor Glueck
 :-'|  # Arschkalt-Smiley      : Der Texter friert sich einen ab...
 (8-o  # Gaffer-Smiley         : WOW-Ausruf des Texters
 :-E     Zaehne-1-Smiley       : Der Schreiber hat hervorstehende Zaehne
 :-F     Zaehne-2-Smiley       : Dem Schreiber fehlt ein Zahn
 :-L   # Zaehne-3-Smiley       : Texter hat nur noch einen Zahn
 :-   # Hakenzahn-Smiley      : Smiley mit einem Haken-Zahn
 [:|]    Roboter-Smiley        : Einfach ein Roboter-Smiley
 :-:   # Mutanten Smiley       : Schreiber mutiert
 8<>   # Ausserirdischer Sm.   : Ein Marsmaennchen !!
 ':-)    Augenbrauen-1-Sm.     : Rechte Augenbraue ist abrasiert worden
 ,:-)    Augenbrauen-2-Sm.     : Linke Augenbraue ist abrasiert worden
 :-))  # Doppelkinn-Smiley     : Smiley mit Doppelkinn...
 :-)  # Scheitel-Smiley       : Schoener, zur Seite gekaemmter Scheitel
 {:-)  # Scheitel-2-Smiley     : Auch ein Scheitel
 :*) # Hawaii-Smiley         : Smiley mit Palme auf'm Kopf

* Famous people as smileys *

 :-]     # Bart Simpson
 (:-]     # Homer Simpson
 :-)    # Marge Simpson
 S:-o     # Maggie Simpson
 (8-O)    # Helmut Kohl
 |-#o#    # Stevie Wonder
 :-O     # Michael Jackson
 :-D     # Thomas Gottschalk
 :-B     # Werner Beinhart (B = teeth)
 =:->     # Ray Cokes (MTV's Most Wanted)
 O:-)    # Petrus
 &:-)     # Marie-Luise Marian
 *C:-#o   # Wildecker Herzbuben (one of them)
 B-|      # Batman
 8-      # Kermit the frog
 X:c)     # Miss Piggy
 :]      # Gonzo
 (8-I     # Roman Herzog
 -:-[     # Mr. T
 {:-?     # Sherlock Holmes
 (~:-|    # Gorbatschow
 {:-=[    # Hitler

* Extended members of the smiley family *

 Since you won't use a special smiley all the time, but will prefer
 using the "ancient" smileys, there are special extensions to the
 standard smiley family:
 :-))))     This form is often used because of its simplicity.
            Just add more "mouths" to your smiley. The more mouths,
            the happier your smiley will be.
 (-:        A smiley for left-handers !

* Last words *
Now you should know nearly everything about Smileys and emoticons.
But don't overdo it when communicating via modem - otherwise there 
IS a chance that nobody will understand you anymore ! ;-)

*New: Assicons*
We all know those cute little computer symbols called "emoticons," where
:) means a smile and :( is a frown.  Sometimes these are represented by
:-) and :-( respectively.  Well, how about some "ass icons"?
Here goes:

 (_!_)		a regular ass
 (__!__)	a fat ass
 (!)		a tight ass
 (_._)		a flat ass
 (_^_)		a bubble ass
 (_*_)		a sore ass
 (_!__)		a lop-sided ass
 {_!_}		a swishy ass
 (_o_)		an ass that's been around
 (_O_)		and ass that's been around even more
 (_x_)		kiss my ass
 (_X_)		leave my ass alone
 (_zzz_)	a tired ass
 (_o^o_)	a wise ass
 (_13_)		an unlucky ass
 (_$_)		a rich ass
 (_?_)		whose Ass?
 (_@_) @ (_@_)  Ass to Ass


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