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After a few years of existence PHP has become one of the most popular server scripting languages available!

PHP is flexible, powerful and free, and due to its modularity still easily service- and maintenable. Pages and Scripts using PHP are fast and robust. And even creating complex scripts is commonly a snap compared with other languages like JSP or ASP - considering Serviceability, Development speed, Application stability and especially long-term-costs.

This is the main reason why I'd like to provide a platform for PHP developers here. Many companies are interested in finding good PHP developers for their projects, so if you're looking for a programming job or - on the other hand - if you are looking for good programmers - let us know and post your profile.

It will be added to our board immediately - and we hope it will help you!

Note: Jobs and Contracts are provided as is!
This job listing is a free referal service to those who visit our web site:
we can make no guarantee of the accuracy, availability or seriousity of the listed offers.

What are you looking for ?

.. a PHP programming job
.. an available PHP developer

Please send e-mail if any links are out of date or if you have suggestions!

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