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(Download) size matters - think about your own download behaviour!

Check the INF-Tool feature matrix:


Comparative File Sizes of distributable Setup packages:

Product      Setup package eats:   Uninstaller eats:   Total size:
InstallShield 2 942 kb         298 kb       1.2 MB
VB Setup Wiz   377 kb         101 kb       478 KB
Wise 6      341 kb         126 kb        467 KB
INF-Tool 4   296 kb         2 kb       298 KB

Create full-featured, 32-bit Windows Software Setup solutions (incl. Uninstall) in seconds!
INF-Tool offers you 6 setup methods which are based on Windows' INF technology. Thus, due to their 100% Windows integration and their incredibly small overhead of only a few KB's, INF-Tool will make any other bulky (and expensive) installation software obsolete for you!

Finally, the extremely easy interface of INF-Tool's "Single EXE" setup packages will make your installations and updates bullet-proof, even for novice users.

From now on forget about:
· wasting your time designing installation software  
· wasting your money for "bloatware" installers  
· wasting valuable MB's of your server space just for installation routines  
· wasting your customer's and companies' money transferring huge parts of your packages via Internet or Mailboxes just for those inevitable installation routines!  

Use INF-Tool .. it will pay!

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