Method 1: single EXE distribution with or without disk-spanning
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When using this method, your files will automatically be packed into a single EXE file, using strongest ZIP or Cabinet (.CAB) compression. The "behaviour" of the created setup program may be fully configured by you in the Distribution options window.

You can define:

·your personal "About" text of unlimited size (which will be displayed in the window you see above)  
·License information of unlimited size (which will have to be confirmed before installation)  
·a customizable Caption text for the Installation window  
·a password to encrypt your package [currently only supported for the ZIP format]  
·you can give your self-extractable installation package an individual icon to show up in Explorer and the Setup window's title bar!  
·splitted, "multi-volume packages" can be created to allow safer downloading or easy Diskette distribution  
·INF-Tool can make the package unrecognizeable for unpacking programs to give additional security against unauthorized access to your software and also to prevent access by archive password crackers  
·and more.  

.... and all of that for