Method 2: CAB (Cabinet) distribution
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INF-Tool also allows you to distribute your package as Cabinet (.CAB) file which has the advantage of extremely strong compression.

The program will create 100% compatible Cabinet files which can also be read and extracted by Cabinet unpackers of Microsoft itself (cabarc.exe, extrac32.exe,..), but also by Software based on Microsoft's Cabinet.dll or Windows internal decompression and setup features and not the least by many Shareware unpackers like Winzip, Windows Commander and others.

Please note that Software installation directly from the Cabinet file (via Web installation, for example) is not supported by INF-Tool yet, but soon will be - this is planned for one of the next releases!
If you want to use this method, your users will now have to unpack the Cabinet file and then install by using Method 4, 5 or 6.

Suggested for:

·not for novice users (user must know how to unpack a Cabinet file)  
·distribution on diskettes, CDROMs or ZIP-Drives  
·distribution via Internet (if you can't use "Single EXE" packages)  

See also:
·definition Step #8  
·Special Setup options and features  

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