Method 6: use Windows' Software Setup Dialog!
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INF-Tool creates fully Windows-Setup compatible INF setup files. Just double-click on the "Software" applet of Windows' Control Panel, choose "Have Disk.." and point it to the disk/directory where your INF script and the files are stored. *)
After clicking "OK", your program will be listed with a small icon of your choice in the Windows Software list and has just to be checked if the user wants to install it. Thjen, after clicking "Install", the installation will be started - including all defined options like Startup group creation, Uninstall options etc.


Suggested for:

·novice users. Once familiar with starting a setup program from the Control panel, they will be able to do any of your installations from here - without any additional explanation.  
·installing optional components (support planned for an upcoming release of INF-Tool)  
·nice-to-view, Windows-style installations  
·installations that have to be combined with Windows-related installations  

*) Note: when you are browsing for the .INF script and more .INF files are stored in a directory, only the first one can be selected. However, all .INF scripts in the folder are read. You can also type the name of the .INF file you want.

See also:
·definition Step #8  
·Special Setup options and features  

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