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Version 1.0 and later:
·uninstall feature added  
·subdirectory of a selected target dir is now properly recognized and saved  
·several target dirs added to selection  
·inf file now properly added to "copy files.." list  
·changed background color of help file to white (better readable for <= 256 colors display)  
·adds version N° to .INF header  
·group definitions added and working  
·group uninstall added and working  
·undefined destination dirs are automatically assigned (if you don't assign a destination dir, all files will be installed to the Windows-directory by default. Or if you don't assign any files to a selected destination directory, all files will be installed to this destination by default.)  
·warning when using LFN's  
·"Reboot" and "Restart" option are now reserved for the registered version of INF-Tool  
·deletions in file list update the group list, too, now.  
·warnings if write errors of the .INF script occur  
·startup directories of groups are now properly saved  
·"drag & drop" buttons for file list enabled  

Version 2.0 and later:

·fixed: installation directory saved incorrect if no subdir defined  
·fixed: incorrect status messages (for "run file after install") under Win95  
·included project management (choose by dropdown list)  
·saves creation date and INF-Tool version in INF header  
·"add file" tries to open in directory of the 1st file  
·last project saved and loaded by default  
·drag & drop from Explorer to file list works again ]-)  
·INF-Tool asks for confirmation before closing without saving  
·"Test" run added (reg'd version)  
·"Help" opens again..  
·Tab order corrected in some of the dialogs  
·Correct display now also with "big fonts".  
·incorrect display of title bar fixed.  
·removed some traps with LFN's, included warning texts when LFN could cause problems  

Versions 2.3 - 2.8:
·INF-Tool forgetting ".BAK" settings: fixed.  
·automatic remove of temporary ZIP-directory after closing INF-Tool  
·Setup.exe could be reduced to 8k (used D2 instead of D3 for linking. Thanks to Nick Naimo !)  
·Filelist is now sorted in alphabetic order  
·missing files are marked RED in the filelist  
·Distribution directory will not be erased prior to updating it to enable you to store additional files in it.  
·fixed setup.exe error message when started in DOS-Box (although installing properly) [02/12/97]  
·additional target directory ID's added [01/01/98]  
·When MS Plus installed & running files after the installation, the wallpaper doesn't change anymore (thanks to Nicola Viganò for pointing me to the reason for this problem)  
·value name for registry strings defaults to 0 now  
·version number now stored more eye-friendly  
·Startup group list now cleared when changing project  
·Restart now (correctly) only supported in the Windows95 part of INF scripts.  
·INF-Tool now takes a filename as a parameter (INF script to be loaded)  
·support of Flag for registry strings  
·support for uninstall dialogs  
·support for ADVPACK.DLL library  
·support for various modes of file copying (e.g., file sharing, skipping etc.)  
·At its first call INF-Tool now loads a demo script to demonstrate basic features  
·registry now correctly cleaned up after uninstall  
If you are upgrading from a version prior to v2.8:
·redefine your registry keys, your current definitions won't be saved correctly with the new release.  

Version 2.9:
·supports installing from the "Software" applet of Window's Control Panel.  
·help opens when F1 pressed  
·new option: double clicking INF file loads INF-Tool (works when the INF script was designed by INF-Tool)  
·warning message when trying to add the INF script itself (manually)  
·improved project support  
·INF-Tool now supports modifications of Autoexec.Bat and Config.Sys (Windows 95)  
·internal ZIP compression  
·configurable default file copy flag  
·INF-Tool now uses the original timestamps when copying files, distribution package will be timestamped with latest filedate in package  
·tries to auto-detect proper language at first start  

Version 3.0 and later:
·now supports self-extracting, single-exe Installations, with full support of License info and more.  
·now allows to place symbols / links to the Windows Deskop  
·pre-defined groups: Startup, Autostart, Desktop, ShellNew, SendTo  
·Groupname not required anymore (-> links directly into "Programs" menu)  
·reduced CPU-load when creating distribution directory  
·provided "Setup" source for C++, thanks to several registered users who sent me their code snippets !  
·added compatibility option for Step #2 (adding files), since a user had troubles with adding a Windows PIF file configured for MS-DOS compatibility mode. I don't if this problem was caused by the OS or Delphi - however, my fix (setting the »ofNoValidate« option for the OpenDialog) seems to work.  
·INF-Tool now displays warnings when Files (defined in Step#2) couldn't be found (if Option "display warnings" is checked).  
·Gradient caption bar removed (repeated display problems).  
·integrated support of CAB (Cabinet) archives  
·better trapping of package creation errors  
·INF-tool now displays compression results  
·offers edit mask for special Registry data  
·added language support (English, German) ! Currently, hints are not translated.  
·fixed problem when trying to uninstall: under Win95 groups didn't disappear.  
·added support for registering .OCX / .DLL files  
·new: cleanup distribution directory before rebuilding  
·now allows visual selection of default copy flag  
·updated and increased Tips & Tricks helpfile, e.g., many INF information resources added  
·when installed from Software panel, item will now show up estimated filesizes  
·user-configurable destination directories  
·cleanup of empty destination directories when uninstalling  
·virtual support of "Program files" directory  
·added ZIP encryption support  
·allows assignment of file copy flags for multi-selected files  
·user-configurable overwrite dialogs  
·"run files.." now works with parameters and when AdvPack is used  
·"unmotivated" reboot dialogs shouldn't be required anymore  
·date/time stamps are kept when using self-extracting packages  
·INI file support  
·improved LFN handling in INF files  
·improved evaluation speed of LDIDs  
·error complaining about "System\AdvPack.dll not found" when using user-configurable destinations should not occur anymore  
·optionally adds registry repair code to the INF files (applies to Win95 sections only)  
·sorted project list  
·Optional user-prompt after successful installation  
·optionally checks for rights/permission to install programs  
·INF File Explorer (new, thanks to Bernt Levinsson for his support !)  
·fixed some group creation problems  
·improved support of user-configurable destination directories (up to 99 user-configurable dirs)  
·allows fixed subdirs in user-defined destination dirs  
·Install-Dir now saved in HKCU instead of HKLM (to improve support for multi-user environments)  
·password-dialog can now be cancelled (which terminates setup)  
·Single-EXE installs now creates its own setup folder in "Temp" dir  
·...and a few smaller things.. ;-)  
·some (hopefully) helpful additions to the Tips- & Tricks helpfile  
·OK button doesn't quit the program anymore (just for saving)  
·support of user-prompts at beginning of installation  
·support for deletion of registry strings during installation  
·capability to use .INI files > 32 kb added - for developers with the BIGGER projects.. ;-)  
·enhanced support for program groups: different starting directories, parameters,..  
·enhanced language support (now also in self-extracting modules)  
·supports distinguishing between installation directory and startup directory for program groups  
·italian translation added - thanks to Nicola Viganò  
·(partial) russian translation added - thanks to Pavel Aronski  
·danish translation added, thanks to Lars Petersen  
·polnish translation added, thanks to Krzysztof Bacalski  
·improved look of the self-extracting main screen ("flat" look similar to setup status window)  
·portuguese translation added, thanks to Carlos Camarao de Figueiredo  
·allows to use other than the first icons contained in the EXE files for your group definitions  
·supports parameters in group definitions and "run files"  
·now also supports installations under Windows 98!  
·supports direct shortcuts in the "Start" menu  
·supports direct shortcuts in the "Programs" menu  
·3.72: LNG 439,440,441,5439,10042  
·supports prompt-less Single-EXE installs  
·3.72: LNG 800+,10043..10045,6040,6041  
·AutoRun.INF file Tool added  
·slovakian translation added, thanks to Vlado Svab  
·added option to disable hints. Additionally, you can change the delay until the hints appear, by changing the setting "HintPauseTime=.." setting (default=2000 msecs), and the delay until the hints disappear, by changing the "HintHidePause=.." setting (default=2500 msecs) in INFTool.ini  
·3.73: LNG 1097,6097,1259,6260,10046,10047  
·added function to read registry settings from .REG files  
·3.74: LNG 1045,6045  
·supports save/cancel dialogs via Enter/ESC key, checks for scroll bar also after import of REG files  
·allows changing base dir for missing (marked red) files in Step #2  
·3.74a: LNG 10049  
·3.75: LNG 527..530, 10050..52  
·3.8: added support for NT's "All Users" and "Default User" menu  
·3.81: added support for "Uninstall" shortcut in Start menu  
·support for prompt-less special directories (useful for installing upgrades in previously user-configured destination directories)  
·LNG 1197,6197,10054  
·3.82: added support for norwegian language - thanks to Atle Borgersen  
·3.83: saves license information in self-extracting packages  
·italian and french language files updated, some resource leaks fixed  
·importing registry files now correctly adds special chars  
·dutch self-extractor updated  
·3.84: dutch translation done by Dirk de Paduwa - thanks a lot !  
·optionally deletes files physically from the .DST directories instead of just moving them to the Trashcan  
·3.85: supports direct manipulation of self-extracting language via "Distribution Options" window  
·warning message when opening INF projects not created by INF-Tool  
·fix: sometimes assigned incorrect name for distribution directory and/or package file when creating new or opening other projects - now defaults to "Project1" for new projects  
·LNG 10055,412,5412  
·3.9: LNG 259,10056  
·adds basic integrity check for self-extractors (filesize-check)  
·smaller size of self-extracting module than ever before!  
·now also adds greek self-extractor, thanks to G. Tassiulis for translating  
·optionally allows just System Admins to install your app  
·fixes problems with truncated license information texts  
·prompt-less self-extractor now also works properly again  
·fixes problem with incorrect IDs ("%0%") when using hard-coded destination directories for WinNT  
·3.91: implements new logic for calling Advanced INF routines  

Version 4.0 and later:
·now supports disk- spanning (you can split your setup package over several installation disks!)  
·INF-Analyzer: basic INF files (designed for Software installations) can now be READ and imported in INF-Tool!  
·the new screen adjustment feature allows you to shrink/stretch the INF-Tool form to meet your needs  
·LNG 10020, 10057, 10058, 442, 443, 5442, 5444  
·fixes problem in self-extractor when TEMP dir contains spaces  
·LNG 473,5473,1250, 10059...10067  
·now capable to read some INF setup files which were rejected by v4.0  
·allows use of alternative icons for your self-extracting packages! (INF-Tool loves 32x32x16 icons. ;-) If you select a multi-format icon in the distribution properties window, INF-Tool will use the first icon of this format it finds in your icon file.)  
·displays self-extractor icon in title bar of setup window  
·prevents error message "INF Install Failure. Reason: The system cannot find the path specified." which occured under certain circumstances  
·now uses the ID #10067 for the name of the Windows Desktop (used depending on the language setting you are using)  
·drag & drop from Explorer to the filelist in Step #2 works again. Thanks to all those who pointed me to this "lost feature"... ;-)  
4.20 and following:
·improved support for execution of commands: now supported before and after setup, before and after uninstallation!  
·allows sorting files in Step#2 and Step#3 to allow a more eye-friendly display  
·LNG 851..869, 5852..5872, 1220, 1222, 1261, 6261, 10027, 10068..10073  
·some bug fixes  
·support for spanish and hungarian language added  
·a few optimizations added, once more improved support for screen resolutions etc.  
·supports re-ordering the list in Step #2 (project files) and Step #5 (groups). Please note that reordering the group list might produce problems under certain circumstances - if you do that, please test your installations carefully before deployment.  
·supports importing file list (Step #2) from a text file which also may contain comment lines if they have a ";" as the first char of the line  
·german, english, swedish, slovak self-extractor updated. German, english, dansk, swedish language files updated. New: Support for spanish and hungarian language!  
·after request of some users, the automatic upgrade-check has been removed. You can still check for available upgrades by using the related button at the "Options" tab.  
·LNG 117, 10074, 1061  
·introduces new logic in Step #3 (left list shows orphaned files not or not correctly assigned to a destination directory)  
·LNG 10075  
·integrated check for correct filesize in non-split self-extracting packages, an error message will be displayed to the user if the filesize doesn't match. Please note that this check is not done on EXE files prepared for multi-volume distribution  
·correction on shortcut creation should produce correct links for LFN directories again  
·some minor changes  
·updated help files  
·Version 4.35 comes with an DLL Dependency Checker which will detect which additional DLL files / runtime libraries might be required by your application to run properly. Please check the related section of this helpfile for more information.  
·LNG 201..205, 5201, 622..624, 10077  
·now displays more file information in the Properties dialog of Step #2  
·DLL/OCX/TLB files added via the DLL-check will now default to "don't uninstall"  
·Version 4.50 introduces some new and eases the use of other advanced project settings by introducing the new "advanced project" settings configuration window.  
·LNG 1251,1257,6251,6257 changed  
·LNG 1257,1258,1259,6257,6258,6259 can be set to zero-length, section 250 ("Advanced project options" completely new!) in Language files (IT_*.LNG)  
·allows to use HKLM instead of HKCU for saving user-defined paths  
·allows to define where to take the AdvPack files from  
·some fixes and additional error checks  
·allows to use an alternative font for most parts of the program. This helps especially when having problems with the default font Arial under double-byte versions of Windows.  
·new window "Advanced Project Options" displays a list of advanced, special options which were previously part of the "old" Options tab, undocumented or not part of INF-Tool.  
·contains updated language files for ALL supported languages, new self-extracting modules for ALL languages and NEW self-extracting support for the chinese and bulgarian language.  
·Self-extracting modules and language files are now saved in the subdirectory "Lang" of your INF-Tool installation directory to improve clearness. Thus, you can remove all old SFX*.bin and IT_*.LNG files of your previous versions from your INF-Tool main directory to free space. Your INF setup files will now be saved in the subdirectory INF of your main INF-Tool directory. Your old INF files can now be deleted in the main directory.  
·improved error-checking for your definitions  
·LNG 10081,1258,1259,6258,6259  
·v4.60: LNG 265 updated  
·big internal redesign of the self-extracting modules: the requirement to click a "Finish" button has now completely be removed - if you want something like that, please define an "After Installation.." dialog string in Step #7. This makes your installations more bullet-proof than before and also gives you more control about the process itself.  
·Also, the Administrator check is now completely handled by the self-extracting package and not part of the INF setup file anymore.  
·INF-Tool now also saves your selected font size and thus allows better adaptation of the program's look & feel to your individual screen resolution setting (font sizes between 8..10 are allowed).  
·shrinked self-extractor size -> your packages will be smaller than before  
·now also uses a smaller version of Advpack.dll -> in total, this makes your setup packages 20-30 kb smaller than before!  
·fixes a problem with incorrect directory definitions at OCX/DLL registrations  
·v4.7: LNG 270, 5270, 10081...10083  
·comes with a patcher for the setup.exe utility which lets you easily adapt it for your own INF file without recompilation (thanks to Mark H Krieger for his contribution!)  
·improvements and fixes in registry file import  
·allows to save up to 999 backup copies of your project files (INFTool.ini configuration settings and your INF files)  
·NTSP4: incorrect "uninstall" icon now shows correctly under all 32bit Windows versions and patches again  
·shortcuts not being created on some computers: fixed  
·now comes with integrated templates for VB 5 and 6 runtime installation.  
·Utility package (Utility.zip) now also contains a setup.exe utility patcher including PB source - thanks to Mark H. Krieger!  
·now also contains support for czech language, thanks to Jan Fiala!  

INF-Tool 5.x Pro and later:
·Localization changes/additions: LNG 491...496, 5492,5493, 1036,1046,1047,1098...1100,10084...86  
·supports the creation of self-extracting Cabinet files. Great especially if you are deploying bigger packages: if it wasn't already, this definitely makes INF-Tool unbeatable in distribution size: if your package size is at least 200-300 kb, using Cabinet (.CAB) instead of ZIP compression combined with self-extracting distribution should make your package smaller than ever before. And everything with just a mouse click... ;-)  
·INF-Tool now brings automatic support for True Type font installations. You just need to select "Install True Type file" in Step #2, and INF-Tool will magically fill in the other required things for you (Step #3, #5).  
·INF-Tool now supports automatic registration of file extensions. That way, you can assign specific file extensions to your own program (like .DOC is usually assigned to Microsoft Word, for example) without needing to dig through support forums about how this is done. INF-Tool will automatically add all required registry entries so that your program is started whenever the user double-clicks an assigned file in Explorer. Since the basis is there, you can easily expand that for viewing the files with your application etc.  
·INF-Tool now offers you a simple "one-click" method of adding the "App Paths=..." entry for your main executable to the registry.  
·the OCX/DLL registration feature has been changed to a method which shoud fix all setup compatibility problems between the various Windows versions.  
·commands to be executed before Uninstallation should also work when offering user-defined destination directories in your setups. This is, however, just supported for the *first* user-defined directory (and then, just for this directory itself). Special program calls or some specialized parameters might still require some "handicraft" on your INF file (please consult the Tips helpfile for information about how to utilize the %49001% variables etc. for your setups and more).  
·the reboot feature should finally also work in situations where it skipped this setup step before  
·the location of the split peaces (if you are requiring disk-spanning distribution) can now be configured in INF-Tool.ini (see the Tips helpfile for more information)  

·fixes problem with encrypted packages  
·now supports japanese self-extracting packages  
·LNG removed: 378,562,620,1094,1125,1186  
·LNG changed: 501,704,754,854,6005,6271,10004,10015,10041,10043,10087  
·encrypted, self-extracting ZIP packages produced AV's under certain conditions -> fixed.  
·updated self-extractors for english, german, dutch, updated language files  
·now also supports japanese self-extracting packages (CAB and ZIP)  
·added many checks for potential problems (e.g., sharing violations, "hidden" DLL files when adding files, Step #2 with file references of the distribution directory etc. etc.)  
·unfortunately Utility.zip was missing in the initial 5.0 Pro release, this has been added again  
·v5.0d fixes problems when running INF-Tool's created setups under Windows 2000 (tested with Beta 3)  
·v5.0e prevents unnecessary reboot requests of Windows when just Advpack.dll would have to be updated  
·v5.0f fixes a few display problems (big fonts settings) and proper shortcut creation when using parameters in shortcuts  
·supports a special UK-english self-extractor which displays "Licence" instead of "License" since some users requested it.  
·supports batch processing  
·5.2: 663*, 667*, 668*, 669*, 679+, 680+ 5667*, 5668*, 5679+, 5680+, 10039*, 10088..10095, 6062, 1074..1077, 1258, 1277,  
·5.2 now retrieves the REAL (localized) "Program files" directory from the registry (localized); this is now comletely based on the RegPaths.ini setting (see the Tips helpfile for details)  
·5.2 now saves the REAL user-configured destination directory to the registry (instead of just the short version)  
·5.2 now just displays the overwrite warning then offering a user-defined destination directory if the directory in fact *exists* (ignores outdated registry strings)  
·case of default program extension for setup packages can now be configured, must not be uppercase ".EXE" anymore (see Tips helpfile for details)  
·improved support for registry-based destination paths  
·INI file settings couldn't be deleted under certain conditions: fixed.  
·missing status msg after creation of packages: fixed  
·incorrect splitted packages when using split self-extracting CAB format: fixed  
·incorrect creation of AppPaths key: fixed  
·"add extension": error msg fixed  
·right-click menu for Step #3 added  
·5.2c: updated translations for chinese (trad.), czech, dutch, italian, slovenian, slovakian, dutch  
·5.2d,e: a few bugfixes and minor enhancements have been applied  
·5.3: comes with a new project manager which allows easy management, cloning, deletion,... of your setup projects. The INF file Explorer has been moved to the new project manager now.  
·Support for slovenian self-extractors, improved support for bulgarian, chinese (GB and Trad.), hungarian, spanish in INF-Tool itself  
·1012->removed, 6012, 6040, 831..837, 5834..5838, 10096..10101  
·fixes AV of prompt-less, self-extracting installers without About text under Windows 98 SE  
·5.3b+c: updated spanish self-extractor, changes and improvements to the Setup project manager  
·LNG: 839, 5839, 5840  
·AutoAppPath setting (in Advanced Project options) saved correctly now  
·VB5 template corrected (incorrect reference to Msvbvm560.dll instead of Msvbvm50.dll  
·a few "undocumented" settings added -> see Tips helpfile.  
·5.4: support for plain setups without any file installation (e.g., only registry modifications)  
·"replace only" copy flag (Step #2) works reliable now  
·now also supports adding icons from read-only devices  
·displays last project saving date in Step #8  
·5.5: LNG: 10102, 1243,1262,6262  
·"SplittedDir=" setting has been renamed to "SplitDir" (see the Tips helpfile for details about this variable)  
·"TrueType" used for font registration instead of "True Type"  
·WebProxyPort=<nPort>... setting supported to allow proper configuration for Update-Checks if you are sitting behind a firewall.  

INF-Tool 6.x Pro and later:

Great news: INF-Tool Lite 6 is now FREEWARE!
Even self-extracting setup programs may now be freely distributed as long as:
·the installed software is Freeware  
·it is used in non-commercial/non-business context  
Setup programs generated with INF-Tool Lite look exactly like the ones produced with INF-Tool Professional except that a small product and license information may optionally be opened by the end user after setup. Also, they don't have time limits, file number limits or destination directory limits anymore. That way, INF-Tool Lite is now the perfect solution for zero-cost distribution over the Internet (if Freeware)!
However, a number of advanced options is disabled in INF-Tool Lite and just offered in INF-Tool Professional (as there are: user-configurable destination directories, prompts, running programs after setup, digital signing of packages, strong self-extracting CAB compression support and a few others).

Features introduced in INF-Tool 6:

·support for serbian self-extracting setups  
·support for digitally signed setup packages  
·support for directory additions in Step #2  
·LNG's new or updated: 404..406, 428,429,430,1273,10017,10087 (licensing scheme change), 10103, 854,881...-group, 1273,10004  

LNG xxxxx identify added/modified language ID's. This is primarly of interest for the great "INF-Tool translation crew".

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