How To register and get the full-featured INF-Tool Professional
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There are several ways for you to register.
If your preferred way of registering isn't listed here, please send e-mail - I'm sure we'll find a way!

1. Regular MAIL
Send your registration fee by regular mail to (-> see Contact information). This is the preferred method since we'll receive the full fee without discounts. Because of that, I can offer you an additional discount of $5.00 if you are registering by regular mail! Don't worry about sending cash - just fold it into a sheet of paper so that no one can see the money through the envelope. Please see the list below for information about additional costs when sending cheques, foreign currency or requesting disks !

pro's: the cheapest method.   con's: takes 1-2 weeks, not 100.0% secure

You can do that NOW! by visiting the following Internet pages:
· (standard) or  
· (secured*) for a single or a site license.  
It you want lifelong upgrades (not just the free upgrades of the standard license), please click here:
· (standard) or  
· (secured*).  
*) these links are for secure transactions and offer 64/128-bit encryption (high security) as long as your browser supports it. If you have any problems loading the pages, please let me know.
pro's: the fastest method, safe.   con's: not 100.00% secure
Just call the US Number 1-877-REGSOFT (= 734-7638. International orders please call 770 319-2718). Don't forget to tell the program ID, #7418.

pro's: very fast method, very safe.

Simply print out the registration form (you can also find a shortcut to a RTF-formatted version of it in your Start menu) and mail it along with a check in US Dollars to: Inc., PMB 201, Suite 220, 10820 Abbotts Bridge Road, Duluth, GA 30097, USA. Please note that we don't accept checks mailed to the personal address mentioned at 1.) !

pro's: very safe.   con's: might take 1+ week

4. By FAX
Just print out the registration form (you can also find a shortcut to a RTF-formatted version of it in your Start menu) and FAX it to the US number 770-497-9234.

pro's: very fast, very safe.   

email all information of the registration form to Registrations@Regsoft.Com

pro's: very fast.   con's: not 100.00% safe

if you are registering by regular mail:

·you may deduct $5.00 if you send your registration fee by regular mail (we're passing our registration service savings to you!)  
·please add $ 6.00 if you need the software on a floppy disk by regular mail to cover our expenses the bank or post office will charge. Please understand that we can't send you a registered version if you don't add these few bucks.  

Last, but not least: please double-check the e-mail address you write on the registration form.
Previously, I received many invalid email addresses and could not return the registered versions.

Under normal circumstances, you should receive your registration email just 2-22 hours after your registration came in! (please contact us if you waited longer).

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