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Registration shows respect for the love and labor program authors put into their wares and keeps them going. Last, but not least, you will have a long list of really useful benefits if you decide to spend the few bucks - check it out:

Advantages of INF-Tool Professional:

·supports Uninstall  
·supports creating CAB-compressed, self-extracting setup packages (in most cases, this will allow you to create even smaller packages than INF-Tool Lite creates!)  
·supports user-configurable destination directories ("Where do you want to install..?")  
·supports Long File Names  
·create shortcuts and links on the Windows Desktop, the Start menu, the SendTo menu and others !  
·allows display of Textfiles, Helpfiles, ReadMe and other information (or run installed programs) before and after installation and uninstallation  
·allows generation of fully functional, self-extracting distribution archives - 1 click and you're ready for distribution!  
·full support of multi-span distribution packages  
·final INF scripts are saved in a more "readable" way than the unregistered version  
·lets you edit already defined registry strings  
·lets you read .REG files - that way you can easily import your pre-defined registry settings for use by an INF-Tool installation!  
·allows unlimited destination directories for your files  
·allows you to use user-defined destination directories  
·allows you to install to directories stored in the Windows Registry (like "Program files", "Common files", "DAO files" etc.)  
·full support for program dialogs (customizeable prompts like "Where do you want to install...?", "Do you really want to uninstall ....?", ".... has been installed." etc.)  
·supports alternative icons for your shortcuts (INF-Tool Professional comes with 20 example icons which you can all use or modify for your setup programs)  
·supports digital signing of your setup packages - get more security and display your official certificate info if users download your software  
·use the "Reboot" features  
·supports registration of .OCX /.DLL /.TLB /.. files  
·allows to set special flags (overwriting, version checking etc.) when copying or uninstalling files  
·supports creation of shortcuts in the special Start Menu areas of Windows NT like the "All Users" section  
·allows modification of Autoexec.bat and Config.sys under Windows 95  
·you will receive a special "Tips and Tricks" helpfile, which informs you about special, undocumented features of INF-Tool, special tips for getting most out of the program and more  
·special SETUP Utility : the registered version of INF-Tool also contains a SETUP.EXE utility (including Source code!!), which will enable your customers to start a SETUP.EXE program like they are used to do it in most Windows compatible programs. The difference is, that our Setup program is just 4 KB in size ;-).  
·Option to disable the Intro screen  
·Updates / additional features! As registered user, you will be allowed to get a number of free updates and improved releases for FREE (more info) !  
·Option to save .BAK files : INF-Tool helps you to prevent losing your work  
·lets you use the AutoRun.INF file tool  
·lets you apply modifications via the INF file Explorer and Analyzer  
·you will get access to an online INF-Tool Professional Support Forum which will offer support and automatically notify you when new versions are available or tips concerning the current version are available (see also: Support page)  
·and even more. Be sure you will be suprised about the flexibility of the features the registered version will offer you.  

Please see the feature matrix of INF-Tool Lite and INF-Tool Professional to find out more details.

How much does this money-saver cost?

Single license .... $ 59.00 only
(= DM 99,- = SFR 89,- = ATS 690,-) *)

( ..or just $
54.00 when sent by regular mail )

Important: you need additional licenses if you plan to use INF-Tool (the setup designer program itself, not the created setup packages) on more than one Computer.
Compared to most other professional installation software with INF-Tool's flexibility this setup tool is still very cheap, but we want to keep this offer to give interested people, but primarly Freeware programmers, Students etc. the chance to get it for a price they can easily afford if they really want INF-Tool's advantages for distributing their products.
Professional companies must purchase exactly the number of licenses you are really using (1 license for each computer INF-Tool is installed on).

Need more licenses? - Save more money!

Multiple licences allow an institution, company or school to install the program on multiple computers or on a server. It must be guaranteed that the program does not run on more machines at the same time than there are licences purchased. All licences are issued to the same (company) name, which appears in the program's title bar. Each additional licence also allows a single user to use the program at home.

Units From   up to      Price Per Unit
1    2       $ 59.00
3    5       $ 49.00
6    14       $ 39.00
15    24       $ 29.00
25   unlimited    $ 19.00

Example: you need 10 licenses for your company or school class. You calculate the total price as follows:
   2 x $ 59.00 +
   3 x $ 49.00 +
   5 x $ 39.00
    $ 460.00 (instead of $590.00)->
you save $ 130.00 and have 10 legal licenses !

You may deduct additional $ 5.00 if you send the amount by regular mail.

Please read "How to Register" for information about the easiest and fastest way for all registration methods.

If you like, you can have a registered version of INF-Tool within hours! Check out the list of registration methods. If you register online, you should receive your registered version (with all the advantages listed above) within 24 hours - often it's possible within a few hours!

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