Support for digitally signed packages
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INF-Tool Professional comes with support for digitally signed packages.

It has been tested and verified with Thawte Certificates Certificates, however, signing should work with all digital certificates currently available using the Signcode utility of Microsoft.

If you don't digitally sign typical setup packages, Internet Explorer complains and warns the end user about a possible security hazard:


With INF-Tool, you now get full support for digital signing of your setup packages which will make your setups look much more professional and trustworthy than typical setups created with other products:


As you can see above, your customers will be presented with a much more "inviting" information about where the product they are going to download comes from, and after downloading - before the actual setup starts - they will be prompted with the following dialog:


All you need to do is to check the "digitally sign setup program" option in INF-Tool. You can then enter the required command sequence to sign the setup program, the following variables for the command are currently supported:

%%f   will be replaced by the original filename of the package
%%p   will be replaced by the path of the package filename
%%t   will be replaced by the project title defined in Step #1.

Ditital certificates can be ordered at companies like Thawte and others.


For more details and help about digital signing with INF-Tool Professional, please see the Tips helpfile for registered users.

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