Fixed (hard-coded) destination directories
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A fixed directory definition (or the default destination for a user-configured path) for INF setup scripts consists of 2 parts:
·a logical root directory (can be the root directory of a disk, but also a directory like the windows directory, the System directory and others) and  
·a subdirectory of this root (like the subdirectory "Fonts" for the "logical root directory" Windows\*.*).  

Each directory definition can be edited and deleted.

Example #1:

If you choose the "Shared directory" (which is commonly the "Windows" directory all users of a network have access to) and define "MyApp" as subdirectory, the full installation path for the defined filegroup will (for example) be C:\Windows\MyApp .

Example #2:

If a subdirectory of the "Program Files" directory should be created, choose the "Application directory" (Windows will "translate" this to the root directory of your user's "Program Files" directory) and enter "Progra~1\MyApp" as a subdirectory of it.

Example #3:

You want to copy some files to the C:\MyFiles directory. Just select "Root directory of the Boot drive" from the list and enter "MyFiles" as subdirectory.

Example #4:

You select a user-defined destination directory. Select "Windows directory" as logical root directory and "MySoft" as subdirectory for this root directory. You user will then be prompted to enter a directory where he wants to install your software. This directory selection will default to C:\Windows\MySoft (if his Windows installation is located in C:\Windows).

Installing to fixed subdirectories of user-configured destination directories:

No problem with INF-Tool Professional. Just select "Pre-configured destination path" and select "Previously selected user-directory" as root, and your preferred name of the subdirectory to the field below (or leave the subdirectory field empty if you simply want to install to this user-selected directory).

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