User-defined destination directories
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The registered version of INF-Tool allows definition of up to 99 user-configurable destination directories. This means that you can let your user select where he/she wants to install some or all of the files of your software. You could also mix both methods: let some files be installed in a directory selected by your user, and copy some files (DLL files, for example) to a pre-configured, fixed directory (might be the System directory in this example) or a fixed subdirectory of the folder your user selected as destination for your program.


User-configurable destination directories require 1-4 definitions to be done:
·a logical root directory (can be the root directory of a disk, but also a directory like the Windows directory, the System directory and others) of the suggested destination for the file set and  
·a subdirectory of this root (like the subdirectory "Fonts" for the "logical root directory" Windows\*.*) .  
·a prompt to display to the user, asking him where to install the files you assigned to this directory definition. Example: "Where would you like to install AdvantageSoft Setup?" (without quotes).  
·an overwrite warning prompt to display to the user, if the mentioned files are already installed on his/her computer. Example: "Continuing will overwrite the existing version of INF-Tool Demo script on your computer. Please enter the desired directory:" (without quotes).  

At installation time (after confirming your license window, if you defined one), your user will find a dialog like this one, which will ask him for the desired destination directory which he can change either by directly typing it into the edit box or by using his mouse after clicking the "Browse" button. Of course, the title bar caption and prompting messages are configurable as mentioned above .. depending on if it's the first installation (where the displayed overwrite warning won't be required) of if the application is already installed on the computer (as in our screenshot beyond):


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