Destination directories read from the Windows Registry
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The registered version of INF-Tool allows definition of up to 99 destination directories which have to be retrieved from the Windows Registry. This makes it easy for you to install add-ons, macros or plugins for popular 3rd party software - based on your definition, INF-Tool will retrieve the directory where the specific application was installed to and you can then copy your own files to the correct directories without risking to mix up your user's machine configuration or even blindly "shooting" to an incorrect destination directory which would result in your macro/plugin not being found.

INF-Tool currently supports standard directories like the "Program files", "Common Files", "DAO files" etc. directories - and this selection can easily be extended by you. At any time you can also define your OWN registry-defined directories for INF-Tool's setups, this is explained in the Tips helpfile you will receive with the Professional version.

Using these methods, you have maximum flexibility when installing your files.

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