Step #5: add files to Start Menu and/or Windows Desktop (optional)
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If a Group in the Startup Menu, on the Windows95/NT Desktop, the SendTo menu etc. should be created, this is the place where you can configure these settings. You can define the preferred titles of the programs which should be added to the menu, their startup directory, optional parameters and more.

Name of the group

This is the name of the "Startup menu" group where this program should be listed. You can either define a new group (like "Fellner Software") or select a predefined group like "Startup", "Autostart", "Desktop" etc. or leave it empty to create a link directly in the "Programs" group.
Already defined group names can easily be selected from the list.

Title of Icon/Link

Enter the name of the entry as it should be listed in Windows Start menu.

Starting command
Just select the program (the program which should be started when the user selects your menu item of the Start menu) from the list of defined installation files. If needed, you may also enter parameters for your program here.

Starting directory and Subdirectory

Here you have to define the Starting directory and -subdirectory as you already did it in Step #3.
Note that they should be defined exactly equal as defined there, otherwise Windows could have problems to add them to the Menu.
Registered users: if you wanted a user-configurable destination directory for this file, select "previously selected user-directory" from the list and let the subdirectory empty (because your user will select it ;-).

Use Shortcut Icon

If your file contains more than one icon, just select your preferred one for the shortcut here. An upcoming version of INF-Tool will also support use of alternative system icons (from DLL files or other EXE's) here.

"Shortcut level"

Here, 4 options are supported:
·create link in the personal section of the Start menu (only or additionally to the 2nd and 3rd option)  
·add link in the "All users" section of the Start menu (any user working on this PC will have access to this shortcut)  
·add link for new users (only supported by Windows NT which offers the "Default user" area)  
Just define where your shortcut is to be created. By default, it will just be created in the standard, personal section of the Start menu.

This feature is only supported in the registered version of INF-Tool.

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