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Please contact us by email using one of the email addresses below.

We'll try to answer any mail within 1-2 days.
Sometimes, however, there's a lot of incoming mail making an answer within this period impossible - please accept our apologies if you should have to wait longer for a reply. There's no email support available on Saturdays and Sundays. Orders will be processed every day, please see our software product pages for details.

We appreciate your patience as we do attempt to respond to every email individually. Thank you!

Support @* for any support concerning our software products, registration information etc.
Delphi-Box @* for questions, comments or suggestions regarding Richey's DELPHI-BOX or Richey's PHP-BOX
Webmaster @* for mails concerning our webpage, problems on downloading etc.
* PGP encrypted and signed
   email welcome.

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