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Welcome to
333++ selected links and tips for PHP Developers.

PHP is today's fastest growing server scripting language available. It's fast, efficient and free - finally, that's why I've decided for it. On this site, you will always be able to find the most interesting PHP websites and tools available - check them out!

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If links are outdated, please let us know! We'd especially appreciate it if you could also tell about the updated URLs of the sites if you know them.

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To ease discussing PHP stuff, I've set up a new discussion board and already started a first thread about the most favorite topics of this site, like Cracking Prevention, Spam prevention and general Delphi- and PHP-related stuff. Feel free to contribute your points and questions!
Posting on the board also has the advantage that you can format your posts and post much longer text than you could anywhere on this site before.

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Please read if you are new to PHP or this website

I'm still learning PHP - I just built this website to support PHP developers who are searching for answers. So: please don't ask me PHP-related questions, there are good chances I can't answer them .. sorry.

However, that's not really a problem since there are many even better places on the web which will help you finding answers:

  • Download and check available FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).
    In most cases, these are textfiles or Windows Help files, created by engaged people who collected answers to the most typical problems PHP developers could have. I suppose that about 98% of all commonly asked questions have already been answered in one of these files! Get them, they are "goldmines"..
  • Check out helpful websites
    A number of websites is dedicated to offer help to PHP developers - you shouldn't be afraid to check them out if you have questions or problems...! A good place is - of course - the website.
  • Ask the Pro's
    Check out the PHP mailing lists or the PHP Newsgroups where you can (virtually) meet experienced PHP developers and other PHP gurus which you can ask all your questions not resolved with the methods above.

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