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Information resources

You are crying "HELP!!!" - but who can help you ?
Keep cool - most of the questions and problems typically arising during a programmer's working day have already been asked - and answered - some time ago. Sometimes even many times, and in 98% of all cases you can be sure that the answer to YOUR question already waits for you, you just have to know WHERE to look for it.
The following is a collection of the best information resources about Delphi you can find in the Internet, check them out, you'll wonder what you are able to find there !

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Delphi Mailing lists

Mailing lists are great information resources which allow you to share your experiences with others and ask questions yourself to hundreds of subscribers.
Mails with questions and answers are usually sent to a Mailinglist-Server which will distribute them to all subscribers worldwide. TRY IT OUT - it's a great help !

At e-mail subsriptions, please let the subject line empty and use only the first line of the message body.
Once you subscribed, most of the lists provide commands to retrieve past articles via the listserver. Beside that, some of the lists are archived by - see description here or on my "Tips and Tricks" section.
At some of the mailing lists the correct subscribing-commands change from time to time - if one of them doesn't work, just try it again with the correct syntax which you'll receive from the mailing list server. Please don't forget to send me a short mail informing me about the correct syntax to give me a chance for correcting it on this page for other interested visitors.

  • The - home of Delphi-Talk and other popular mailing Lists like Delphi-Talk, Delphi-DB and others (formerly known as DDJ-Thread, DDJ-Thread-DB etc.) hosts a number of open, moderated forums for discussing Delphi programming issues. Many experienced Delphi programmers are discussing there, mailflow: 10-50 msgs. per day. To subscribe, please click on the link above and find more details there.

  • The Delphi-L mailing list is another mailing list where you can discuss your Delphi questions. Mailflow: 20-50 msgs. per day ! Send the command subscribe <your FULL_NAME> to the List-Server and you'll get additional instructions for joining.

  • German Delphi Mailing-List (germ.):
    Sie können sich ganz einfach unter obigem Link anmelden, Mails an die Liste sendet man hier, und hier kann man sich wieder abmelden.

  • Borland's Delphi Newsletter: Send an e-mail with the message body subscribe delphi your@email.address to receive the latest News of Borland.

  • Borland International Listserver Receive electronic newsletters over which Borland periodically publishes information concerning both new and existing products, technical tips, upgrades, and special offer. They'll also send you details of seminars, exhibitions, and other local events. [new:11-May-99]

  • Borland International Listserver Another information listserver of Borland/Inprise.

  • Borland Bug Listserver Receive bug notifications and workarounds by Borland

  • RightClick's weekly email newsletter Get a mail when there are Delphi news

  • DSP-Update (Delphi Super Page Update List) Send an e-mail with the message body subscribe dsp-update your@email.address to receive (approx. once per week) infos about updates of this great Delphi file archive in the web.

  • The UNDU mailing list informs you when a new UNDU Help file is released. Just klick on the link and send the message subscribe undu in the subject line or message body !

  • Component Writers Mailing List Send an e-mail with the comment subscribe delphi-components your.@email.adress in the message body. [dead?]

  • The Apollo-Users Mailing-List could be of special interest for users of the Apollo Database Engine. For subscribing just send an e-mail with the command subscribe your@email.address in the message body.

  • The Delphi 3D Mailing-List is dedicated to 3D-programming in Delphi.

  • The Interbase Mailing-List is dedicated to Interbase-Programmers. Subscribe by sending the message subscribe Interbase firstname lastname in the message body!

  • The Delphi-CS-Talk-L Mailing-List is dedicated to C/S Delphi Programmers. Click on the link above and send the message subscribe delphi-cs-talk-l (no subject) in the message body. You will receive a confirmation code that you need to send back and then you will be subscribed.

  • Client/Server Group Mailing List Send an e-mail ordering your subscription

  • The Delphi SQL Mailing-List is dedicated to Delphi/SQL-Programmers.

  • DirectX Mailing List Click the link to find a newsgroup archive dealing with DirectX programming

  • The Delphi-Notes Mailing-List> might be of interest for anyone who'd like to use Delphi to access Lotus Notes. For subscribing just send an e-mail with the command subscribe delphi_notes in the message body.

  • JEDI Mailing List Send an e-mail with the command SUBSCRIBE JEDI in the message body to subscribe to this mailing list about conversions of Microsoft (and other) API's to Delphi.

  • The TeeChart Mailing-List is dedicated to Delphi/TeeChart - Programmers. For subscribing just send an e-mail with the command subscribe in the message body.

  • The Dutch Delphi Mailing-List is dedicated to dutch-speaking Delphi-Programmers. Check the above link for more information.

  • The Italian Delphi Mailing-List is dedicated to italian-speaking Delphi-Programmers. Check the above link for more information.

  • The Deutsche Programmierer-Mailingliste is dedicated to german-speaking Programmers. Check the above link for more information [07-Aug-98]

  • Deutsches Delphi-Newsletter is dedicated to german-speaking Delphi-Programmers. Send a mail with "SUBSCRIBE DELPHI-NEWS" (without the quotes) to the above link to subscribe. [18-Aug-98]

  • The Delphi Q&A Reader+Database by Marko Tietz gives you a selection of the best questions and answers.

  • Search the ISAPI mailing list archives

  • Database Mailing Lists here you find a the "List of (Mailing-)Lists" to the topic "Databases"

  • The Halcyon List-Server is dedicated to Programmers who make use of the Halcyon database engine. Just send a mail to aboves link with SUBSCRIBE as the only message to join.
  • The Delphi-Jedi Mailing List is dedicated to the API conversion projects of the Delphi-Jedi group. Just send an email containing "SUBSCRIBE JEDI" (without the quotes) in the subject line to subscribe.
  • The Torry Website Mailing List informs you about software and component updates on Torry's website. Just send an email containing "subscribe allnews" (without the quotes) in the message body to subscribe.
  • The Pascal Newsletter should be subscribed by you if are interested to find a Delphi and Kylix tip in your mailbox daily! [new:10-May-01]
  • Reference.COM is a good general resource - potentially for every mailing list

  • The Cobb Group Tips List sends out a tip on Delphi weekly.

  • Delphi On The Fly Delphi Mailing List Archive [dead?]

  • Delphi Dude's Mailing List

  • Slovenian Delphi Mailing list

  • Delphi Advocacy Group Mailing List
    issues Delphi-related discussions, ideas how to promote Delphi as most advanced development tool and more.
    To subscribe, please click here.

  • DecisionCube Mailing List
    issues Decision Cube and similar Decision components. Please click the above link to join.

  • Chami's Delphi Lists
    issues 3 lists: LIST-DELPHI-DEV (for developers), LIST-DELPHI-NEWS (weekly newsletter) and LIST-DELPHI-MISC (everything else). Please visit the link above to see guidelines, subscription information etc.

  • EuroShare Mailing List contains discussions around the topic "how to publish your software". For subscribing, just send an e-mail with the command "subscribe" in the subject-line.

  • Anti-Warez Mailing List help yourself against illegal use of your software
  • Delphi Corner UK Mailing List brings a Delphi-related mailing list, a chatroom, message board, Delphi-Ring and other stuff.

  • Delphi Programming Source Code mailing list
    is intended to help fellow Delphi programmers learn and find Delphi code they want. Also you can post messages to to help others. Please click the above link to join.

  • Advanced Delphi Concepts mailing list
    deals with advanced Delphi concepts, e.g. BASM, Component Writing, Graphics, etc. Please click the above link to join.

  • Delphi-Enterprise mailing list [new:04-Nov-99]
    is dedicated to developing Enterprise systems using Delphi Enterprise. Advanced topics such as object-oriented design, multi-threading, distributed objects (CORBA/COM), Internet/server-side development and NT Services are most with advanced Delphi concepts, e.g. BASM, Component Writing, Graphics, etc. Please click the above link to join.

  • search other Delphi Mailing lists [upd:10-Feb-01]
    ..this will bring up a quite long list containing other Delphi-related mailing lists, partially in other languages than english, too. Click the links on the opened page for details.

    (if you want to check for more mailing lists, check out my "Hot Links" Page, and click on "Internet" there, you'll find some "List of Lists" as well as some Search Engines for Mailing Lists there.)

Delphi Newsgroups

Online Discussion Forums

Delphi-related Newsgroups and forums

Borland's NNTP Delphi Newsgroups
Borland has set up its own news server, providing discussion areas not only for Delphi, but also their other products like CBuilder, JBuilder and others. They are really a hot tip if you have questions - not only since quite a lot of really experienced programmers are moving around there, also, because 1000s of questions and answers are archived there (if you retrieve all messages available, this should produce a highly valuable knowledge-base for you..)
You must connect your newsreader to to retrieve the newsgroup list and subscribe them. If you need further information how to set up your news reader, please visit Borland's related Info-Page. Borland's newsgroups can also be read and searched via the web.

TIP if you are searching for answers: Inprise opened a newsgroup archive for searching at The archive includes all messages posted to starting with 05/97. This should be a great and very valuable resource if you have questions concerning Delphi (or other Borland Products).

Internet Newsgroups
If you have access to a news server that supplies you with these groups to access them, use your News Reader (Netscape News, M$ Internet News or Free Agent) to connect to them.

Special forums and newsgroups

Delphi IRC

  • Get help 24 hours a day for free for all kinds of Inprise products, like Delphi, C/C++, Builder and others. Use your IRC client to connect to an EFNet IRC server) and join one of these channels:
  • #Borland.on Effnet
  • #delphi (also on Effnet) is also a good chat channel on IRC
  • on IRCnet is a german Delphi-channel
  • Borland Chat

Delphi Publications

In these magazines you can find hot informations concerning Delphi and Delphi-related programming questions. Try before you buy - many of the listed mags also provide informational and professional Online-issues:

Again: Please e-mail us if any links are out of date or if you have tips or suggestions !

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