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Useful Delphi Sites, part #I

Here you can find a selection of the most interesting Delphi-Links I've found during the times. If you think your site is missing here (don't forget to check part #2 of this list, too) or find a link that is outdated, just let us know!

How to use:
At the top of this page you can find the hottest sites which I can definitely recommend to everyone. All other links are unsorted, but in most cases commented since all of them have been reviewed by me personally. On this list I'm just linking to websites which provide at least some free stuff (components, sources, tips or other sort of knowledge), so you shouldn't find any commercial-only sites here (for relevant, even if commercial Delphi tools, please check the Delphi tools page). Specialized sites are linked from our other topic pages (see left border of this page or, better, the directory on our main Delphi page). Newest additions can be found at the bottom of part #2.

Hottest stuff - recommended to everyone: be continued on the next page!

..suggest Delphi site or inform about an updated URL

Again: please e-mail us if any links are out of date or if you have tips or suggestions !

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