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Fight for your right to
Privacy on the Internet

..also - and especially in Europe.

"If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy."
Phil Zimmermann, Author of PGP

Keeping the already existing surveillance systems in mind, every citizen should have ways to protect his privacy! Therefore:

  • support the campaigns for Right on Privacy in Internet

  • inform other people by placing a Link on this or other related pages

  • let your responsible politicians know about your opinion!
    Websites and email addresses can often be found at the websites of your local political parties. Since it can be expected that most of these persons neither read nor answer your email, you should send a cc: to other relevant addresses and also don't forget about the classic "physical" mail via your post office or even telephone calls.

  • Get crypto software and especially sources as long as they are freely accessible on the web! (evt. also for other OS'ses than just Windoze), and then make them accessible to others, too! Source-code is of special value, since it ensures that the related technology and logic will also be available for upcoming software generations. Links to Sites providing software and source code can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Inform yourself. Suggested areas are the *usenet*-, the *pgp* and the *crypto* - newsgroups, where you will find partially quite interesting discussions about the topic. You can also ask all those questions there which could not be answered by the links on this page.


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