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INF-Tool History

    Version 6.3:
  • installing to fixed subdirectories of registry-based destination directories with prompts is now supported by INF-Tool Pro. Please note that this only works with short subdirectory names.
  • prompt-less setups sometimes failes with access violations under Windows 9x/ME when commands after setup were defined that took some time to execute. This has been fixed.
  • Error "failed to set data for ''" fixed which occured if you didn't have enough rights to access the Windows registry.
  • "Admin-only" setups now correctly detect if a user with an Administrator account is starting the setup (Advanced options)
  • updated language files
    Version 6.2:
  • now also enables the "Save user-configured directory selection" option when using registry-based destinations
  • fixes a bug in Step #2
  • Version information for DLL check now displayed correctly if available in a PE/Win32 file.
  • Pro version now supports defining registry branches (only) - if you leave the key name and the value empty, and the type ("String") as default, INF-Tool will just add the defined branch to the registry. This is especially helpful if you find that the registry paths you defined are not completely removed during uninstalls. BE WARNED: this feature is extremely powerful and would also allow you also to delete essential, big parts of your registry. Example: if you just define HKLM as root and "Software" as Subkey (branch), the complete SOFTWARE branch would be removed during uninstall.
  • Pro version new ShellEXE utility (incl. Source) specifically for CDROM setups etc. which you could use to load HTML pages (or other associated file types) after setup or in your CDROM Autorun scripts, for example
  • Pro version now comes with a template for DAO setups, thanks to M. Venema!
  • the Tips helpfile now contains a section that explains the templates that come with INF-Tool Pro.
  • registry and shortcut list (Steps #4 and #5) are now automatically sorted after updates, and you can now also adjust sorting with the mouse (just drag it to your preferred position).
  • just clicking on "OK" in INF-Tool will now just save program configuration (but not create the INF setup script anymore)
  • 6.2a fixes a small bug with adding some files twice in synchronized directories under certain situations
  • german translation optimized for users using big fonts
  • improved detection of Windows language setting for first startup of INF-Tool
  • new support for korean installers (now supports a total of 27 languages)
  • japanese self-extractor corrected
  • supports italian, portuguese, chin.trad., hungarian again
    Version 6.1:
  • speeded up loading of the program
  • now supports up to 4 KB of registry strings, also for hexadecimal additions (see Tips helpfile for important details)
  • supports DistDir= setting (default "Distribution Disk" root directory for new projects)
    Version 6.0:
  • Great news: INF-Tool Lite is now FREEWARE!
    Even self-extracting setup programs may now be freely distributed if:
    • the installed software is Freeware
    • used in non-commercial/non-business context
    Setup programs generated with INF-Tool Lite look exactly like the ones produced with INF-Tool Professional except that a small Freeware information may optionally be opened by the end user after setup. Also, they don't have time limits, file number limits or destination directory limits anymore. That way, INF-Tool Lite is now the perfect solution for zero-cost distribution over the Internet (if Freeware)!
    However, a number of advanced options is disabled in INF-Tool Lite and just offered in INF-Tool Professional (as there are: user-configurable destination directories, prompts, running programs after setup, digital signing of packages, strong self-extracting CAB compression support and a few others).
  • supports automated digital signing of your setup
  • offers addition of complete directory structures (although normally not supported by INF setups)
  • updated and improved help files
  • now also comes with a serbian self-extracting module
    Version 5.50:
    Version 5.4:
  • support for setups without files
  • many improvements and fixes based on user requests (INF-Tool Professional users: please see version.txt)
    Version 5.3:
  • the new Project manager allows easy maintenance of your setup projects and brings you useful functions like "cloning", renaming or deleting projects.
  • the INF File Analyzer has been moved to the new Project Manager
  • the INF Explorer can also be found in the Project Manager
  • support for serbian self-extracting setups added
  • special changes for Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000
  • both helpfiles updated
  • INF-Tool Professional now comes with 20 icons which can be used for your setup programs
  • many improvements and fixes based on user requests
    Version 5.2:
  • fully configurable support for directories retrieved from the Windows registry
  • template for BDE 5 setup
  • support for slovenian, Chinese/GB and Chinese/Big5
  • default setup now just contains english and german support - all other languages (for working with the INF-Tool program; 25 languages for the self-extracting packages are included in INF-Tool Professional) can freely be downloaded from the main INF-Tool webpage.
  • many improvements and fixes based on user requests
    Version 5.1:
  • supports batch-processing
    Version 5.0x:
  • prevents unnecessary reboot requests by Windows in case just Advpack would have to be updated
  • brings compatibility with Windows 2000 (tested with Beta 3)
  • support for japanese self-extracting packages
  • supports the creation of self-extracting Cabinet files. If it wasn't already, this definitely makes INF-Tool unbeatable in distribution size: if your package size is at least 200-300 kb, using Cabinet (.CAB) instead of ZIP compression combined with self-extracting distribution should make your package smaller than ever before. And everything with just a mouse click... ;-)
  • Language pack for 22 languages (new: support for czech and Chinese/Big5 !) now available as separate download for registered users
  • automatic support for True Type font installations
  • automatic registration of file extensions
    That way, you can assign specific file extensions to your own program (like .DOC is usually assigned to Microsoft Word, for example) without needing to dig through support forums about how this is done.
  • INF-Tool now offers you a simple "one-click" method of adding the "App Paths=..." entry for your main executable to the registry.
  • The OCX/DLL registration feature has been changed to a method which should fix all setup compatibility problems between the various Windows versions.
  • Commands to be executed before Uninstallation should also work when offering user-defined destination directories in your setups.
  • the location of the Splitted peaces (if you are requiring disk-spanning distribution) can now be configured (reg'd users: please see Tips helpfile)

    Version 4.70:
  • improvements and fixes in registry file import
  • improved backup copy support
  • NTSP4: incorrect "uninstall" icon now shows correctly under all 32bit Windows versions and patches
  • shortcuts not being created on some computers: fixed
  • problems with certain long file names: fixed and speed improved.
  • now comes with integrated templates for VB 5 and 6 runtime setup
  • Utility package ( now also comes with a setup.exe utility patcher (including source code)
  • support for czech language added

  • Version 4.61, 4.62:
  • v4.62a prevents overwriting of newer Advpack versions on the target computer
  • fixes a problem with incorrect directory definitions at OCX/DLL registrations under certain circumstances
  • shrinked self-extractor size!
  • creates smaller packages due to an alternative version of included DLL file (see Tips helpfile for details)

  • Version 4.60:
  • the self-extracting module has undergone heavy changes which will allow you to create even more bullet-proof self-extracting packages and to apply more fine-tuning for this distribution method:
    • now supports prompt-less setups for all supported (now 20!) languages
    • no startup prompt (requirement to click "Install") if you have defined no "About" text (displayed in the installer's main window)
    • requirement to click a "Finish!" button has also been removed if you check the "no prompts" option
    • your license info will still be stored in the self-extractor in encrypted form to avoid 3rd parties "grabbing" your license
  • the self-extractor now handles the check for administrator rights by itself if you checked this option. This check has been removed for the other setup methods.
  • support for finnish self-extractor added
  • the program now also saves your selected font size for the program
  • fixed AV at some types of EXE/DLL files when clicking the "Properties" button in Step#2
    Version 4.52:
  • minor fixes and improved error-checking for incorrect definitions
  • TAB colors can now be set back to normal via program options
  • creation speed improved, no "lockup" effects anymore
  • most language files updated, support for turkish self-extracting packages added Version 4.50:
  • this version brings several improvements to both, useability and configurability. It's a suggested download especially for registered users.
  • includes new language files and self-extracting modules for all languages, new is self-extracting support for traditional chinese language (reg'd version)
    Version 4.38:
  • contains improvements to both help files, and the functionality of the file properties window. Registered users please check the version.txt file which is displayed after installation for details.
    Version 4.36a:
  • new self-extracting modules for english and german, new: language support for bulgarian
  • reg'd version: improved Tips helpfile, revised demo projects
  • some minor fixes
    Version 4.35:
  • The new Dependency-Checker tool in Step #2 will check for required DLL files or other runtime libraries and add them to your project if you decide so
    Version 4.31:
  • integrated check for correct filesize in non-splitted self-extracting packages, an error message will be displayed to the user if the filesize doesn't match. Please note that this check is not done on EXE files prepared for multi-volume distribution
  • a fix in the shortcut creation module should now produce correct links for LFN directories (e.g., "Program files") again
  • some other, minor changes and fixes as well as additions to both helpfiles
    Version 4.30:
  • improved logic in Step #3, allows better control especially in complex setup projects
  • most frequently used self-extracting modules updated: displayed disk number shows up correct now.
  • support for bulgarian language added, thanks to Nikola Venkov!
    Version 4.24:
  • supports re-ordering the shortcut definition list in Step #5.
  • after request of some users, the automatic upgrade-check has been removed. You can still check for available upgrades by using the related button at the "Options" tab.
  • fixes the weird "Program files" problem
  • a few more icons added to the reg'd version, thanks to Jeremy S. Landes!
    Version 4.23:
  • support for spanish and hungarian language added
    Version 4.22:
  • supports importing file list from text file
  • contains updated language files
    Version 4.20c:
  • fixes a bug when running INF-Tool under Windows NT (problem with Wininet.dll). The program might still "hang" after a while if you are running on NT - in this case, please disable the option "check for updates" in the "Options" tab.
    Version 4.20:
  • improved support for execution of commands after setup: after all, INF-Tool now even also adds support for execution of commands before installation as well as before and after uninstallation!
  • supports sorting the file list in Steps #2 and #3
  • now includes online update checking
    Version 4.11:
  • optionally hides "Info"-Button in self-extracting package
    Version 4.10:
  • allows use of alternative icons for your self-extracting packages!
  • displays self-extractor icon in title bar of setup window
  • please note that the Windows 98 SP1 Beta version seems to contain heavy bugs in the Windows Setup API. If possible, please prevent installing it and wait for the "final" "service pack" ;-) - and let us all hope everything will work better with it.
  • prevents error message "INF Install Failure. Reason: The system cannot find the path specified." which occured under certain circumstances
  • now capable to read some INF setup files which were rejected by v4.0
  • will now default to the correct "Program files" directory (instead of "Progra~1") when prompting the user for the preferred destination path. Please note that this requires the correct name of this path name contained in ID #10053 in the .LNG file for the language you are using. You can override this behaviour by adding the switch "ShortProgDir=1" to your project's section in INFTool.ini.
  • now uses the ID #10067 for the name of the Windows Desktop (used depending on the language setting you are using)
  • drag & drop from Explorer to the filelist in Step #2 works again. Thanks to all those who pointed me to this "lost feature". ;-)
  • Important: due to several basic changes in this version, it might be required that your completely redefine your project. If something suddenly doesn't work or works odd, please try it by redefining your project from scratch. Sorry for any inconveniences.
    Version 4.0:
  • supports disk-spanning for self-extracting packages (package volumes can be splitted into several parts to allow multi-disk distribution, safer downloads for your users etc.)!
  • integrated INF-Analyzer will allow you to read INF setup files NOT created by INF-Tool or to rebuild your own scripts in case you have lost your configuration files etc.!
  • unzip protection will hide the content of your self-extracting packages from most unpacking software, even if you didn't choose password protection!
  • the new screen adjustment feature allows you to shrink/stretch the INF-Tool form to meet your needs!
  • fixes problem in self-extractor when TEMP dir contains spaces
  • fixes some odd behaviour when adding destination directories (double additions, missing additions etc.)
  • added some checks against accidential project overwriting
  • many additions to the standard and the Tips helpfile - please read to keep up-to-date!
  • numerous other improvements and a few more fixes not worth being mentioned ;-)

    Version 3.91:
  • all self-extractors upgraded: some are now even smaller, and the incorrect "t" char has been removed in the "Info" window.
  • implements improved logic for calling Advanced INF routines
  • german self-extracting module shrinked
    Version 3.9a:
  • fixes problem with german self-extrating module
  • fixes problem with incorrect IDs ("%0%") when using hard-coded destination directories for Windows NT
    Version 3.9:
  • additional integrity checks for self-extractors
  • self-extracting modules are smaller than ever before!
  • now also adds greek self-extractor, thanks to G. Tassiulis for translating
  • optionally allows just System Admins to install your package
  • prompt-less self-extractor now also works properly again
  • fixes problems with truncated license information texts
  • main box of self-extractor doesn't mark text anymore
    Version 3.85:
  • corrects problems with dutch language selection
  • allows direct selection of self-extracting language module
  • improved checks for invalid definitions
    Version 3.84:
  • dutch translation added
  • a few other minor changes, listed in version.txt (reg'd version)
    Version 3.83b:
  • updated dutch self-extractor
  • fixes a small bug when importing .REG files
    Version 3.83:
  • updated italian and french language files
  • license status stored in setups (all methods)
    Version 3.82b:
  • some minor improvements
  • Version 3.82:
  • adds support for norwegian language (thanks to Atle Borgersen)
  • Version 3.81:
  • allows automatic creation of an "Uninstall" shortcut in the Start Menu.
    Please note that the name of this item depends on the Item #10054 in the .LNG file for your language. If you are of another language than english or german, I'd be happy if some of you could update these files and send them back to me... some parts of the translations are still missing in some language files !
  • supports prompt-less installs for special ("user-defined") directories.
  • Bugfix: now files with the special flag "no uninstall" won't be unregistered during an uninstall.

  • Version 3.8:
  • adds support for "All Users" and "Default user" system areas.
    This was a tricky part do do..please test it carefully before distributing installation packages which use these advanced menus.
    Note that both options are just supported for installations running under Windows NT. I know that IE4 (../Win98) also creates an "All Users" area, but under Windows 95 it's not supported and would create "dead" .LNK files on your customers computers.
    That's why I decided to NOT support it for Windows 95/98. If many of you think it would be ok and support for "All Users" under Windows 95/98 would be important, just let me know.
  • If you use these new options (not just the default "Personal section" for shortcuts), it is of essential importance for these new functions that the active language file (the configured language in the "Options" tab when you create your "Distribution directory" or your setup package) matches the configured Windows language your user's computer. Otherwise, the shortcuts would be created in the wrong directories (i.e., "Start menu" instead of "StartmenŁ", if you use the english version of INF-Tool instead of the german one for your german customers).
  • Concerning translations: if you use other versions than the english and german one, please check if the ID's 10051..10053 contain the correct names for the directory name of the Start menu, the "Programs" folder (of the Start menu!) and the "Program files" folder (in the root of your Windows drive). This is required to create shortcuts in the correct areas of the user's computer.
    If you could support me by translating the other -still english- strings to your languages, this would be great.
  • Version 3.74a:
  • adds some fixes and additional error-checking during script creation
    Version 3.74:
  • includes dutch self-extractor
    Please see the tips helpfile for information about how to use it in your projects, since there's currently no "natural" support for a dutch version of INF-Tool available.
  • some fixes and improvements like support for redefining the source directory of missing (marked red) files etc.

  • Version 3.72c:
    Version 3.73:
  • supports importing registry (.REG) files
    Please note that this feature is limited to standard registry entries .. "big" key values like bitmaps etc. can't be imported properly.
  • allows disabling hint "balloons"

  • Version 3.72c:
  • slovakian translation added
  • some fixes (didn't save distribution directory name, self-extractor error message "INF file not found" under certain circumstances etc.
  • license window is now displayed after intro screen as some of you requested
    Version 3.72:
  • the self-extractor now supports License texts up to 32 kb
  • AutoRun.INF file tool added
    Version 3.71:
  • supports prompt-less single-EXE installations !
    This feature is selectable via the "Options" button in Step #8 as long as you didn't select user-configurable destination directories.
    Please note that this feature is in a beta state currently - created after special user request -, therefore you should test it carefully before distribution.
  • Version 3.7 assigned invalid icons to shortcuts under certain circumstances. In this case, please redefine your group/shortcut definitions, this has been fixed in Version 3.71.

  • Version 3.7a:
  • some fixes, like removed file size message, updated italian files, support for german help file (see above), spanish self-extracting support.

  • Version 3.7:
  • now also allows installations under Windows 98 !
    This was hard work... thanks for all the people who helped me with testing and suggestions, a special tribute goes to John Eccles.
    This time, I've really thought about requesting an upgrade fee for the dozens of hours I've put into this, but I decided otherwise once again.
  • now also supports the creation of shortcuts in the Start menu (directly) and the "Programs" menu

  • Version 3.63:
  • fixes problems when using parameters in group definitions
  • allows use of alternative symbols in group definitions if your EXE file contains more than 1 icon

  • Version 3.62d:
  • portuguese translation added
  • some items added to Tips & Tricks file
  • if you still receive warnings about "incorrect file sizes", they won't affect functionality of your setups. Sometimes they are caused by changing to other directories "somewhere" in the program, I suppose, but couldn't reproduce this problem on my computer. If someone could tell me more details,..?

  • Version 3.62c:
  • polish translation added

  • Version 3.62b:
  • improved look of the self-extracting main screen ("flat" look similar to setup status window)
  • should not complain about filesizes when adding locked or write-protected files in your installation anymore
  • russian translation added (partial), thanks to Pavel Aronski !

  • Version 3.62a:
  • danish translation added, thanks to Lars Petersen !
  • incorrect starting directory when assigning the "Program Files" directory fixed
  • Version 3.62:
  • italian translation added, thanks to Nicola ViganÚ !
  • incorrect starting directory when assigning an user-configured destination directories fixed
  • Version 3.61:
  • This version adds a fix for the group definitions (Step #5) and also supports the use of program parameters there.
  • Version 3.6:
  • localized self-extracting modules
    Swedish users, please note that there are still some english strings. I will try to update this soon.
    Important: for already existing scripts, you have to replace the item SFXBin=... with the SFX???.BIN file of your preferred language in the section of your project in the INFTool.ini file.
  • supports INI files > 32kb (good for saving a lot of or very big projects)
  • support of simple installation prompts
    Important: this should only be used for regular INF installations (with or without using the Setup.exe utility), NOT for self-extracting packages, which offers dialogs by itself.

  • Version 3.55b:
  • INF-Tool didn't add registry strings under certain circumstances, e.g., some users reported missing additions to the "Add/Remove Programs" menu. This has been fixed in this release.

  • Version 3.55a:
  • bigger edit windows

  • Version 3.55:
  • a few other registry fixes
  • allows deletion of registry keys during setup
  • smaller INF files (added some optimizations)
  • Setup.exe utility (Delphi version) doesn't display DOS window anymore

  • Version 3.54b:
  • a few additions to the help files

  • Version 3.54b:
  • fixed problems when using very long dialog strings (displayed as '' when asking for destination directory)
  • fixed problems with OCX registration definitions (could not save INF file)

  • Version 3.54a:
  • this release just tries to fix the installation problems some of you have reported (INF file not found). Please report any problems.

  • Version 3.54:
  • "AdvPack.dll not found" error shouldn't occur anymore.
  • Installations created by this version will fix a registry error occuring on some computers which will result in a reset of the Desktop wallpaper after finishing the setup.

  • Version 3.53:
  • allows up to 99 user-definable destination directories
    Note that you have to re-define your user-configurable destination directory definitions, so just click "edit" on an existing one and redefine it. Otherwise the new version won't be able to save your definitions correctly.
  • now also supports fixed subdirs of previously user-defined destination dirs
  • Install-Dir now saved in HKCU instead of HKLM (to improve support for multi-user environments)
  • INF file explorer added (thx to Bernt Levinsson for his support !)
  • password-dialog can now be cancelled (which terminates setup)
  • fixed bug when defining adding 1 start menu group
  • Single-EXE installs now creates its own setup folder in "Temp" dir
  • some (hopefully) helpful additions to the Tips- & Tricks helpfile
  • some problems caused by case sensitive interpretation of file names fixed
  • NT: optionally checks whether user has permission to install
  • no "Advanced INF install" title on prompts anymore (thanks Bernard for the tip)
  • and some other, smaller things ;-) Version 3.52:
  • more eye-friendly license window, adapted templates are enclosed.
  • improved OCX/DLL registration support

  • Version 3.51:
  • if an end-prompt was defined, the installation box will now close automatically
  • Version 3.5:
  • supports INI file modifications !
    Note that INI files are not removed when uninstalling with this version due to safety reasons, an option for that will be added in one of the next releases (you can workaround this behaviour by defining a "dummy" INI file for your installation which will be deleted when uninstalling).
  • optional prompt after successful installation
  • improved speed in some parts
  • "System\AdvPack.dll not found" error shouldn't occur anymore
  • registration name shows up correctly again ("About.." tab)
  • "run files.." now works with parameters and when AdvPack is used
  • "unmotivated" reboot dialogs shouldn't be required anymore
  • date/time stamps are kept when using self-extracting packages
  • Please read the helpfile for more details and tell me if you have problems. Version 3.44 and before:
  • allows multi-flag-definitions in step #2
  • supports individual definition of overwrite dialog
  • supports ZIP-encryption for your packages

  • Version 3.4:
  • support of user-definable destination directories (requires AdvPack support, please reaad the Tips & Tricks file !)
  • direct selection of "Program files" directory supported
    Please note: currently, this is only supported "virtually" - if the Ansi Short Name of your user's "Program files" directory is different from "Progra~1", it copies to "Progra~1" instead.
  • the start/display of files after installation should also work now under Win95 now.
  • swedish translation done by Bernt Levinsson and greek translation done by George Tassiulis - THANKS !
  • more intelligent use of the INI file. If you excluded files from the Uninstall list, please redefine them, these settings would otherwise be lost.
  • also, re-check your Start Menu Group definitions, they also had to be reorganized a bit.

  • Version 3.3a:
  • many fixes (e.g., Blanks in Start Menu names, Error when creating SFX package etc.)
  • OCX registration. I couldn't test this feature under Win95, please tell me if you have problems. This feature requires AdvPack, please read the Tips & Tricks helpfile (which has been updated again) for more detailled information.
  • french translation done by Vincent & Olivier Cheminot - THANKS !
  • Many other changes, most of them are listed in the "History" list in the helpfile

  • Version 3.2d:
  • added some missing texts to .LNG files
  • timestamp for ZIP/EXE/CAB now set like newest file
  • "Free definable" path item changed to "Hard-coded path" (to avoid misunderstandings)

  • Version 3.2b:
  • fixed incorrect Start Menu Group removal under Win95

  • Version 3.2a:
  • INF-Tool is now offering full language support !
    It would be great if some nice people could help me translating into their mother tongue (also it would be appreciated if you could point me to possible spelling errors in the english language file).
  • v3.2a fixes error in SFX module of v3.2
  • v3.2a fixes error during generation of ZIP package of v3.2

  • Version 3.12:
  • improved the stub for self-extracting installation. The program will not rely on the registry settings of your users anymore (which could be damaged), but call RunDLL32 / SetupX (Win95) / SetupAPI.dll (NT) directly. Additionally, the message "plz wait a few seconds" isn't displayed anymore, instead the program shows a message when the INF installation process has really finished.
  • improved logical order of INF-Tool's configuration screens (I hope)
  • added Setup sources for C, thanks to some registered users (see ReadMe's) !
  • preview for upcoming "Register OCX" and "modify INI files" support ... ;-)

  • Version 3.11:
  • At INF-Tool's current state, the AdvPack files (AdvPack.DLL, W95INF*.DLL) are required only if you were selecting Uninstall support and defined Uninstall dialogs. This release checks if you really need those files for your package and adds them only to it if you selected automatic addition in the INF-Tool options screen.
    This release also offers optional exclusion from the file uninstall list (check/uncheck the related option in the file's properties screen).

  • Versions 3.0 and 3.1:
  • these are official releases - please read the help file for a list about the newest features.

  • Version 2.97f:
  • INF-Tool can try to fix INF associations in registry

  • fixes "please insert disk.." error under certain conditions

  • AdvPack files only added when really needed (uninstall prompts defined and/or option checked)

  • Version 2.97e:
  • fixes error when selecting the System directory as destination

  • Version 2.97d:
  • select "New..." project to clear all items and create a blank, new INF project

  • new destination directory option added (see last selection item)
  • License# now displays correctly in "About" window

  • Version 2.97c:
  • Distribution directory freely configurable
  • Network detection works correctly
  • Device driver addition (Config.sys) works correctly
  • added sort options for file lists

  • Version 2.97:
  • INF-Tool history : first release ! ;-)

Mailing List

The INF-Tool Mailing List will inform registered users about latest versions and new features of INF-Tool. Please find subscription information in your registration email.

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