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PHP hits 4 million count!

Based on the latest Netcraft and e-soft statistics, PHP is now used on more than 4 million websites worldwide!
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[Useage stats]

PHP virus found!

Symantec informed about the existence of the first virus targetting PHP files, the "PHP.Pirus" virus.
PHP.Pirus is the first virus written in PHP, a server-side scripting language used for dynamic Web page generation. It searches for .php and .htm files and inserts code to call itself (so, it's more a worm than a virus based on the definitions). The "virus" executes only on servers with PHP interpreters.
It cannot be contracted by simply visiting an infected Web page.
Read Symantec's and McAffee's informations about it.

PHP-BOX officially opened!

We are happy to announce the official opening of our new PHP pages.
You will find that we used the same design and logic as in Richey's DELPHI-BOX, a site that is quite popular amongst Delphi developers (Delphi is a Windows-orientated rapid application development tool based on the Pascal language). We hope you will like the new pages and bookmark them to get back as often as you need answers for your questions.

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