Batch processing (automated packaging)
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INF-Tool supports batch processing. This means that once you have defined a valid setup project, INF-Tool allows you to create it in an automated manner, without any further user interaction.

This is a feature especially created for Network administrators who often need to set up INF-based setups for workstations or network-wide distribution. Together with INF-Tools planned Project Manager (will support "cloning" of projects to allow easier addition of slight adaptations) this will allow you to focus on your original work, not pointing and clicking around for hours just to create dozens of packages.

What do you need ?
Not more than entering 2 parameters!

INF-Tool [Mode] [Project name]

-c   creates a compressed distribution package, based on the selected options in this project
-f   fills the defined distribution directory with an updated set of the files for this project

Project name:
the name of your project, with or without INF extension


INFTool -c demo   will create a setup package for the setup project named "demo" in Step #1 (like "demo.exe" or whatever name you defined in the "Options" window of Step #8)

INFTool demo   will open INF-Tool regularely and load the project named "demo" by default.

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