The SETUP.EXE utility
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Many users are trained to run a "Setup.exe" program when they want to install applications. Forcing them to open the Explorer, right-click their mouse and choose "Install.." could lead them into spooky situations all of us know just too well...

That's the reason why a fixed part of INF-Tool Professional is a "baby-sized"
SETUP.EXE utility (only 4 KB !!) which may be freely distributed with your application and will initialize your setup correctly when run. Your users will just have to type "setup", press the Enter key and the installation process will automagically start like you've designed it.

More: INF-Tool Professional Users will also get:

·the Delphi Source Code for this utility (including the utility itself)  
·the C Source Code for this utility (including the utility itself)  
·the PowerBasic Source Code for a patching utility for the default INF setup file  
·the Visual Basic Source Code for this utility (including the utility itself)  

to help you in designing your own Setup wrappers. With this piece of code you can even create advanced Setup programs showing up graphics and more.

this is only one of 6 setup methods INF-Tool offers you. Please see the first chapter of this helpfile for a detailled overview of all integrated setup methods INF-Tool supports.

Registered users: see "Tips & Tricks" helpfile for more information.

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