Modifying an existing setup project
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Loading other setup projects

When you start INF-Tool, it will load the last saved setup project by default. If you want to load another project which was also created by INF-Tool, just enter its name as a command line parameter or select it from the pulldown list in Step #1.


INFTool.exe [Enter]
loads the last saved setup project.

INFTool.exe phantast.inf [Enter]
loads the project named "phantast" in the current directory

There is also another parameter supported for batch processing:

INF-Tool [Mode] [Project name]

-c   creates a compressed distribution package, based on the selected options in this project
-f   fills the defined distribution directory with an updated set of the files for this project

Project name:
the name of your project, with or without INF extension


INFTool -c demo   will create a setup package for the setup project named "demo" in Step #1 (like "demo.exe" or whatever name you defined in the "Options" window of Step #8)

See also: Batch processing

Saving under a different filename

Just enter the desired filename as "Setup Project Filename".
After clicking "OK", all currently loaded settings will be saved under the new filename.
However, it might be easier to use the integrated Setup Project Manager for this task.

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