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Installation packages created by INF-Tool

Although being a small shareware program, INF-Tool has gained a quite large and happy userbase even with big companies amongst them - a partial listing of INF-Tool customers includes:

The listed companies and developers invite you to download their listed program(s):

 Loop Recorder
By Thomas Riechmann and Gerald Riechmann, Germany
"Music recording software for radio listeners."
By Enterprise Automation, Inc., Jupiter Florida USA
"Software that automates sales and marketing without sales people wasting time on a computer. Sales increases of at least 18% to 25% realized in the first year."
 Tweak-Me GOLD
By Totalidea Software, Germany
"The GOLD version of your tweaking and tuning utility for Windows 9x and Me."
 Atomic Clock 2001
By Totalidea Software, Germany
"The easy way to synchronize your system time with an atomic clock on the internet."
RB-Geburtstage 1.10.08
By Ralf Becker DV Beratung, GER
"Effiziente datenbankgestützte Geburtstageverwaltung ( "Download-Tip des Tages" beim PC-Magazin (s. Homepage)"
RB-DBF 1.82
By Ralf Becker DV-Beratung, GER
"Datenbankeditor für Clipper-, FoxPro-, dBase- und Apollodatenbanken, Freeware"
By ARTRONIC d.o.o., Zagreb Croatia
"mySQL server administration tool for WIN32 platforms"
Service Dispatch
By In House Development Inc., USA
"Complete Dispatch and reporting for most any Hardware Service Company."
By BJM Software, Netherlands
"Facther is a scheduling and invoicing application for therapists. Note: written in Dutch!"
tresette, scopone, briscola
"Popular italian card games"
 blueshell Data Guy
By Harry von Borstel Computer Engineering, Hannover Germany
"Editor for databases for Jet (ISAM, Access), Oracle, SQL server using ADO"
 blueshell Active Tables
By Harry von Borstel Computer Engineering, Hannover Germany
"Use blueshell Active Tables to connect Visual Basic to databases using ADO!"
By Applied Micros Pty Limited, Sydney NSW Australia
"XDesk95 is a PIM including a Calendar, Diary, Alarm Clock, Notes Tree, Dialer and Calculator. It remains active in the system tray."
By Access Information Limited, Carterton Wairarapa New Zealand
"Contact is a Market and Correspondence Management Program, enabling event, product, letter and customer tracking."
By Software Innovators, Wellford SC USA
"32 Bit DLL based grid control for PB/DLL. Use with any langauge that supports the Win32 API."
 MultiDial 1.2
By HeiTho
"MultiDial is a german masqdialer-client (mserver of Linux) for windows-machines."
 PacSpam Light
By HeiTho
"POP3-checker. You can read and extract your messages before you download them with your default-mail-client. You´ve the possibility to create simple rules to delete messages directly from the pop-server or you can delete messages for yourself. In this time only in german ..."
All Phones Data Suite
By P-EMTECH ltd., Zlin Czech republic
"Working with phonebooks and SMS on Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson, Bosch and Sony GSM phones."
By GlaserSoft, La Paz Bolivia
"WebSMS sends Short Messages (SMS) to cellular phones using free WEB Servers directly from your PC."
 ROSA 3004/8
By ROSA Software, Bussum - NL
"Scheduler-application to organize and calculate standby-schedules, used a lot in healthcare and technical branches"
Advanced Properties
By, Sharon Springs NY USA
"Enhancement to find out info about web servers and web pages for Internet Explorer. "
By IdentAlink Limited, USA
"secure E-mail by facial recognition"
By Totalidea Software, Germany
"WinAlignGUI restructures programs and program libraries on your hard drive for the fastest-possible access once they're loaded into RAM and your CPU's cache: You can see load times improve by 20% or more."
 Phantastic Screensaver
"A cool screensaver with 8 various modes - great especially if you have a permanent Internet connection since it comes with optional background email checking!"
"Extract thousands of icons, button symbols ("glyphs"), images, cursors, JPEGs, sound files, videos etc. from all the programs on your PC (!) as well as Internet Newsgroups - one of the biggest hour-savers for developers."

"Professional memory optimizer and file-alignment utility."
WinRAM-Booster Pro 2001 by Totalidea Software

"Instantly backs up your important data files when your data file has changed something."
NTuS Realtime Backup by NT MicroSystems
Yokohama, Japan

"The first tweaking utility for Windows Me (and 9x)."
Tweak-Me by Totalidea Software
"Database and analyze photos and radiographs of the horse hoof and lower leg."
Metron by EponaTech
Paso Robles, CA USA

WinRescue 95/98/NT/ME/2000 by Super Win Software
Hutchinson, KS USA
"Keep track of your animals and print customised pedigrees. Perform inbreeding analysis and much more."
LaoTzu's Animal Register by Enlightened Consulting Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Vic Australia
"ms Security Kit ist das durchdachte Tool für alle, die die Kontrolle über ihren PC behalten wollen, auch wenn sie nicht zu Hause sind."
ms Security Kit by msMoreSoftware (Totalidea Software)

"Compile Websites, html catalogues, e-books etc into a single, configurable executable with availability of full install & uninstall packaging"
Web2Exe by Noble Ox Software
Southminster, Essex UK
"Ein 'Allround-Tool' für Windows ? Alles nötige in einem Programm - für (fast) alles das passende Werkzeug. "
Das System-Tool by Franzis' (Totalidea Software)
"Zwei tüchtige Helfer für Windows 95/98/ NT/2000: Windows Power Booster 2000 - ein Speicheroptimierer und Magic Cleaner - ein Uninstall-Programm."
MoreSpeed by Sybex (Totalidea Software)

"A program to ease the adminstrative burden on dog field and obedience trials arranged by the Swedish Kennel Club or Swedish Working Dogs Ass."
Aldurs Prov by Aldurs Programutveckling
Kävlinge, Skåne Sweden

"WXTide32 - FREE tide prediction program for about 9000 stations world-wide through 2038."
Mike Hopper
Tampa, FL USA

"THE comprehensive Child-Protection System for Windows 9x!"
Kid-Lock 2000 by Totalidea Software

Add-Remove Pro by Super Win Software
Hutchinson, KS USA

"Save, edit and restore clipboard contents in an easy to use manner, online viewibg editing plus much much more!"
ClipStore by Noble Ox Software
Sothminster, Essex United Kingdom
"Sick of the regular progress bars? Get this Active X control for your VB 6 projects..."
GradientProgressBar ActiveX Control for VisualBasic 6 by Totalidea Software
"SMS Messanger, send messages to cellular phones via the web"
Cell Buddy by Cell Buddy
"Rated 4 Stars by ZdNet!"
ZipCode Master by MWM Consulting
Seward, AK USA

"Data Maker eases the creation, verification and documentation of Microsoft Access (DAO or JET) databases."
Data Maker by Shane Tierney
Esperance, Western Australia Australia
"The one and only Swiss-Army-Knife for Windows. THE ultimate allround-tool!"
The System-Tool by Totalidea Software

"Création automatique de tableaux après saisie des joueurs, édition automatique des états après saisie des résultats des rencontres."
L3T, Logiciel de Traitement des Tournois de Tennis by FAYE
"FreeWare RAM-Optimization program"
OptiRAM! by Totalidea Software

WinEbook Compiler by Super Win Software
Hutchinson, KS USA

HTML Aide by Super Win Software
Hutchinson, KS USA

"Optimize your systems' cache to increase the speed of your machine..."
CachePower 2000 by Totalidea Software

"Track Diet and Nutrition activity."
NutriTrak by Forty Acre Software
Churchville, NY USA

"InterBase Sukkel - your InterBase tool, is an after-case tool for editing and querying your IB database. It's easy to use and has a friendly interface, doesn't need the BDE..."
InterBase Sukkel by Upscene Productions
Berghem, Netherlands

"Especially made for Dutch people who bought the ScoutImages CDROM, this little program lets you search this cd by entering keywords. It then finds matching illustrations..."
PictureSearch by Upscene Productions

"Creates Nassi-Shneiderman-Charts from Delphi and Pascal. Supports printing charts etc."
Source Code Explorer for Delphi and Pascal by Softwareentwicklung Viehmann
Hückelhoven, GER

"Compile RTF files into executable format, including pictures, objects etc. Now compiles with runnable software etc, (ideal as CD front end etc.)"
Fast Text Professional by Noble Ox Software
Southminster, Essex UK
"A 'plugin' for easy en-/decryption, signing and public key management within Pegasus Mail"
PGP Extension for Pegasus Mail by Michael in der Wiesche
"Quality Assurance software for healthcare professionals"
QAttack Software by HL Software, Inc
Little Rock, AR USA
"HPGL Plot to Windows MetaFile Conversion Utility from"
Plot2EMF by Informatics Consulting
Lörrach, Germany
"A Professional CD-ROM AutoPlay Function"
AutoPlay by Informatics Consulting
Lörrach, Germany

"Search/replace text or patterns in entire web sites or extremely large files"
TextPipe Search/Replace by Crystal Software
Wantirna, VIC Australia
"Free utility. Single right-click in explorer for version info."
Instant Version Info by Greg Lorriman

"The one and only LiftBoy for Windows"
Win-LiftBoy by Totalidea Software

"THE RAM and Performance Optimizer for Windows 9x"
WinRAM-Booster 99 by Totalidea Software

"Next generation zipping tool. Well received by press (Claimed to be better value than WinZip 7, their words not ours!)"
Zip Management Suite by Noble Ox
Essex, UK

"RTF to Executable compiler. Create electronic books containing pictures and objects in only a few moments."
FastText by Noble Ox
Essex, UK

"Schedule tasks in an extremely easy manner. Automate anything from the loading of your favourite software to the starting up of your current project etc. Received excellent press"
Schedule Manager by Noble Ox
Essex, UK

"Simple to use, system wide macro recorder and player. Full version compiles to executable format"
MacroTech by Nobele Ox
Essex, UK

""Stammbaum" visualisiert/druckt genealogische Daten im GEDCOM Format."
Stammbaum by Carsten Leue
Stuttgart, Germany
"MenuPlus FrontPage Components greatly extend Microsoft FrontPage's built-in Navigation Bar & Table of Contents Components. FrontPage Users, check it out now!"
MenuPlus FrontPage Components by - Michael Vorburger (alpha ware)
Switzerland / USA
"Warenwirtschaftssysteme für Handels-, Produktions-, KFZ- und Dienstleistungsbetriebe"
buero by Gall Ing.-Büro für Datentechnik
Elmlohe, Germany
"Easy perusal of saved web pages via explorer context menu extension. Browser required."
CatHtml by Greg Loriman
Kent, England

"Cool game - solitaire variant with very nice cards!"
Munich, Germany

"Display wasted space and used space for trees of folders - great tools for sysadmins"
DirSize by Crystal Software
Melbourne, VIC Australia

"Disable mouse or keyboard while you clean them!"
Clean 'n' Go by Crystal Software
Melbourne, VIC Australia

"Shows size of clipboard in task bar, display or clear clipboard"
ClipSize by Crystal Software
Melbourne, VIC Australia

"Backup long filenames (great for 16 bit programs)"
LFNit! by Crystal Software
Melbourne, VIC Australia
"POPBeamer Inbound POP3 Router for the Exchange Server"
POPBeamer for Exchange Server by DataEnter
Vienna, Austria

"CarbonSoft Stamp is a utility which makes it easy to change the date & time stamp on a file (or files). Freeware."
CarbonSoft Stamp by CarbonSoft
Aberdeen, UK
"Dss Cards programming software and developement system."
Phoenix Millennium by Smartcard Gold
Doncaster, South Yorkshire UK

"Find those tunes FAST! Easily manage all your music media. CDDB approved. For Windows 9x/NT."
VisiTrax by Synapsa Productions
"A small notes program designed to hide in the system tray until needed. Offers autosaving of notes, an expression calculator and a colour converter tool. Freeware"
MicroNotes by Alternative Realities
Strood, Kent UK
"A small application for converting RGB colour values to HTML Hex and back again. Freeware"
ColourConverter by Alternative Realities
Strood, Kent UK
"A puzzle game for up to 4 players inwhich each player must try to eliminate their opponents molecules by causing a series of chain reactions."
Molecules by Alternative Realities
Strood, Kent UK
"CD based MP3 player, allows the creation of a CD compilation. The player will interpret album names and track names for playback"
CDMP3 Player by Alternative Realities
Strood, Kent UK

"Internet Bandwidth Monitor and Activity Notifier"
Ativa DUN Meter by Software Solutions
"MvCoder is a specialized programmer's editor used to create Miva Script source files."
MvCoder 2.0 by Custom Design Software

"Deutsch-Thai Wörterbuch mit Textbearbeitung und Sprachausgabe"
Phuut Thai by Hans Möller
Düsseldorf, Germany

"The build management tool for Windows developers"
Visual Build by Kinook Software

"Power ListViewer 99 is a Windows 95/98/NT digest viewer, able to read both digest files and regular e-mail files, and present the messages in an easy to follow subject-based threaded format. 5 star-rated by ZD-Net!"
Power Listviewer by Intelligent Software Products
Iselin, NJ USA

"Highly rated, award winning version. The classic board game Reversi."
Bloch Reversi by BlochWeb
Durham, NC USA
"Versand von Kurznachrichten (SMS) in Mobilfunknetze per Modem/ISDN (D1,D2,E+, Viag Interkom, Quix, TeLMI, SCALL, Skyper, Cityruf)"
SMSSEND-32 by Andreas Niggemann
Speyer, Germany

"An easy-to-use quick invoice generation wizard for small businesses."
InvoWiz 98 by Applied Analytic Systems, Inc.
Carnegie, PA USA

"Advanced download manager"
Net Vampire by Afreet Software Inc.

"RegEdit Prof is an ActiveX that allows you to access the configuration registry from your apps."
RegEdit Prof by

"Securely encrypt, decrypt, and wipeout files/folders with Data Fortress."
Data Fortress v3.0 by Montgomery Encryption Products
Wellsboro, Pa USA
"Gebührenzähler für Win 95/98/NT"
TrayCount 98 by Michael Heitz
Lahr, BW Deutschland
"Make your Function Keys Function for you."
My Function Keys by
"FakeFolder allows to 'hide' the content of directories under Windows 9x."
FakeFolder by Visual Concepts Software
"Full information about NT Services (local and remote), full and shortened name, program path and others"
CTServices by Controtex Ltd
"Add your own programs to the 'right-click' menu in the explorer"
AshMenu by Controtex Ltd

"Take telephone messages for anyone on your NT or Windows 95/98 LAN. Features instant pop-up."
Call4 by Cache Development
"OnTarget is a hugely popular and addictive "Artillery Combat" graphics game. Called the "perfect 10-minute break", OnTarget has been a hit since 1987! Download and see for yourself why OnTarget is so much fun! :)"
OnTarget by RAD Software
"MyCash is a great checking account program for personal and small business use. A "Quicken Killer", MyCash has all the powerful features you want without the confusing complexity and unwanted feature-bloat of other financial accounting programs. See why MyCash has been a best seller since 1987!"
MyCash by RAD Software

"Small and easy to use backup-tool."
Backup Wizard 2000 by e.novative
Vienna, Austria
"Sakran is a Hebrew Win 9x application for building interactive activities for students."
Sakran by Sakran
"Give a personality to your folders, changing its icon and adding a description."
IconWay by HamTech, c.a.

"Instrumenting profiler for Delphi 2, 3, and 4. Freeware with source!"
GpProfile by Primoz Gabrijelcic
Ljubljana, Slovenia
"c.-SMS integrates Handy-SMS in a Lotus Notes environment. Send & Receive SMSs as E-Mail. Forward SMS to a Notes Database & More."
c.-SMS Gateway by Cedros GmbH
Siegburg, Germany
"Allows ISDN-based TCP/IP-routing (based on CAPI 2.0). Includes automatic connection setup, PPP and other useful features."
WebRoute/ISDN by Cedros GmbH
Siegburg, Germany
"Right-click file(s) or Folder(s) in explorer for CRC32 based checksum. No frills. FREE!"
Checksum32 by Greg Lorriman
Kent, England

"Will extract specific portions of a file and save them separately"
PieceCopy by Inner-Smile
"Shadows is a Computer Aided Design for sundials. Really easy to use!"
Shadows by Francois Blateyron
Besancon, FRANCE
"Freeware to collect the Data from any Leica Laserdisto and send them to any application"
Disto Online by Photo Mess Systeme AG
"A very useful tool for network administrators: context menu access to directories, emails and url with one click, text-clipboard tool, all windows-folder with one click, screendump just click, mounting monitoring for safer use of networks and lots more."
GNMAC Global Network Mounting Access Controller by CLUE Software

"Back up your data to DDS tapes"
DAT-Secure by Güner Hopf
Vienna, Austria
"Allows ISDN-based TCP/IP-routing (based on CAPI 2.0). Includes automatic connection setup, PPP and other useful features."
WebRoute/ISDN by PMS MICADO SoftwareConsult GmbH
Hennef, Germany

"Learn How to Day-Trade the S&P 500. Indicators for Omega TradeStation, Free Manual and Logs."
S&P 500 Trading Indicators for Omega TradeStation 4.0 by NATT - New Age Trading Techniques
"Shutdown your computer at a certain time or after a configurable delay."
NAP-ShutDown by Mirko Tocchella
"Display and manage incoming telephone calls. Interesting design and features."
NAP-Anrufmonitor by Mirko Tocchella
"Sound file player and organiser for mIRC. Quickly catch sounds files you don't have."
Sound Catcher by Chris Davidson
Portsmouth, Hampshire UK

"Companion Software for Use with AlphaSense Networks. Use for Remote Monitoring, Pager Messaging, Security System, Environmental Control. "
AlphaSense For Networks by Compuquest, Inc.
Bartlett, IL USA

"FontPage lets you examine and compare all of the fonts on your system. You can print out a specimen page for any font, or print a list of them."
FontPage by BlueFive software
Antwerp, Belgium

"Automatic Alerts to Email, your Pager, or Celfone for Stocks, SpreadSheet Data, and more, based on your rules and critera for delivery"
SpreadMsg Lite by Compuqyest, Inc.
Bartlett, IL USA
"Freeware backup utility"
Vienna, A
"Ext-HTML v1.1 is an Extended Character Code generator for HTML. It gives you the correct ASCII and SGML codes for extended characters - perfect for international webmasters!"
Ext-Html v1.1 by Florian Robardet
Saint Gilles, France

"Easy to use backup tool. Define your own Backup profiles: what - where to - when - and how. Thats all! your backups will run in the background."
Backup Wizard 2000 by e.novative
Vienna, Austria
"Shows title of saved web page in explorer right-click (context) menu."
Html Peeker by Greg Lorriman
Kent, UK
"Aids comparison of entries in sibling keys (not much fun with regedit). Also aids use of registry info for documentation purposes."
RegEnum by Greg Lorriman
Kent, UK
"Context menu extension to add "explore" item to right-click menu for files. Usefull if you use "find files" alot - will also open folder of the file of a shortcut. "
Explore for Files by Greg Lorriman
Kent, UK
"Zip file manager : useful if you are being swamped by thousands of zip files."
Zip Peeker by Greg Lorriman
Kent, UK

"This Windows Font Manager lets you view and preview all your fonts (installed or not), print pro-quality specimen sheets, install and uninstall fonts individually or in 'FontPacks', compare fonts and lots more."
MyFonts Windows Font Manager by UniTech /
Maryland Heights, MO USA

"Allows you to easily store and retrieve network and browser settings. Unlike Windows, Select-a-Net will prompt for reboot only when necessary."
Papillion, NE USA

"Use a cool, animated screensaver as an advertising tool!"
The Advertising Screensaver by

(Download) SIZE COUNTS - use INF-Tool to create smaller setups for your products!
INF-Tool by

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