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Advertising ScreenSaver
Version 2.1

Increase your sales with this ScreenSaver for Windows95/98/NT !

A short description:

The Advertising Screensaver will help you in

  • promoting your products
  • introducing your company or
  • simply "storing" your company logo or informationinside the heads of this Screensaver's viewers.
Just let it run in your shop window or public areas of your office!

Easy installation combined with full configurability of background, displayed advertising text and moving pictures - you can even display animations in front of your preferred background image!

Includes optional Password-support.

Try it out !

Special offer:

The Advertising Package is a preconfigured version of the Advertising Screensaver which will only display a preconfigured animation (and optionally text) sequence - but can not be configured by the end user (or comes with just a limited set of configuration options). Since I will also create a self-installing setup package for that if you like, and since you are free to distribute an unlimited number of this screensaver package to the public (i.e., offer it as free download at your website, offer it as free giveaway on diskettes etc.), this is the perfect solution for advertising purposes of your company, for your products or whatever you like.

Examples: Verplex Systems Inc. (the leader in formal verification) or Hochstift Pils (a popular beer company)

The Advertising ScreenSaver received the following Awards / Ratings:

  • "Simply The Best!"   ranking at PlanMagic

  •    "pop"  at (belongs to most popular software) !

  •   SERVAG Webcorner: 5 stars !   (Dec.97)

  • at

  •    WindowsCentral rating: "Great !"

 Download the Advertising Screensaver:

Filename: Advertiser.EXE (self-installing executable)    Installed by INF-Tool!
File size: 770 k
Last update: Sep 01, 2000
  • Download from US main site
  • Send file by email
  • Download after doing a FTP search
    Find the "ideal" download location by doing a FTP search: the latest versions of Adverti*.* should be listed at the top.

Register your copy of the Advertising ScreenSaver NOW!

The registered version costs $19.00 (€ $19,-) only and has much more functionality than the Evaluation version, so your registration will pay - just read the enclosed ReadMe file. And you will even receive lifelong email upgrades if you pay $10.00 more to cover my expenses. Please read the file ReadMe.txt for full details.

There are various ways of registering:

  1. ONLINE. Just click on the link to the left and fill out your registration form for a single user license. Alternatively, click here if you want lifelong upgrades or the Advertisement Package.
  2. by REGULAR MAIL - simply send your registration fee to my address (which is listed in the helpfile). Since I will then receive the full fee without registration service commission, I can offer you an additional discount (see below) if you are using this method! Don't worry about sending cash in the mail, just fold it into a sheet of paper so that you can't see the money through the envelope.
  3. by CHECK - just fill in the ONLINE registration form, print it out and mail it along with a check in US Dollars to: RegSoft Check Processing Dept., 9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA .
  4. by PHONE - click here (standard) or here (with lifelong upgrades) to find out about the secure way to register by phone, via toll-free call.
  5. by FAX - print out the registration form and FAX it to the number 1.800.886.6030 (Toll-Free, US & Canada only), +1 208.279-3837 (International) or (0870)132.248 (United Kingdom).
  6. by EMAIL - email the information directly to

If you need the software on a floppy diskor papers via regular mail, please understand that you have to add $6.00 to the registration fee.

Under normal circumstances, you should receive your registration email 2-22 hours after your registration came in! (please contact us if you waited longer).

You think that the Advertising Screensaver might also be of interest for someone else you know? Tell a friend about the Screensaver, and automatically be entered in our contest to win a Shareware CD! Simply click the image to open the submission form.


These are only TWO screen-shots of the infinite possible modes and variations the Advertising Screensaver opens to you. Show your company logo, commercials, pricing infos, and... and... - no limit to your fantasies! I'm sure that once you have experienced all those possibilities you have with the Advertising Screensaver, you won't know what you did without it.

Bouncing and rotating
company logo

(You'll have to
see it in action! ;-)
Another floating logo.
This one had a
rotating ball
in the background..

advertisement texts
in this example)

Survey - your opinion counts!

We are highly interested in your thoughts and suggestions since keeping in touch with you, the users, has made this program into what it is today.
Please tell us your ideas for features you'd like to see, for improvements which could make using the Screensaver even easier, about problems/bugs you found or if you simply have questions regarding the current program version or the purchase of the full-featured version.

-> Advertising Screensaver Discussion

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