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Cannabinatic Screensaver v1.50
The  special   ScreenSaver for Windows95/98/NT!

A short description:

The Cannabinatic Screensaver shows interesting looks, medicinal and sociocultural facts about a miracle plant known as "Hemp".

Note: the idea of this Screensaver is not to suggest using Cannabis products.
It wants to increase objective information and knowledge about this plant.

Get it - you'll like it !

The Cannabinatic ScreenSaver received the following Awards:

  • rated 5 of possible 5 points (1999)

  • pop rating: Belongs to "Most popular Software"

  •   "Featured Software" at C|Net's, 02/99

 Download the Cannabinatic Screensaver:

Filename: Cannabinatic.EXE (self-installing executable)    Installed by INF-Tool!
File size: 590 k
Last update: Sep 01, 2000
  • Download from US main site
  • Send file by email
  • Download after doing a FTP search
    Find the "ideal" download location by doing a FTP search: the latest versions of Cannab*.* should be listed at the top.

Register your copy of the ScreenSaver NOW!

There also exists another version of the Cannabinatic ScreenSaver:
by registering for just $19.00 (US Dollars) you will receive a version of the Screensaver which lets you fully configurable displayed Leaf images, text-snippets, backgrounds and more.
If you'd like to register and get full control about what happens when the Cannabinatic Screensaver is starting up, you can do that
  1. by REGULAR MAIL - simply send your registration fee to our address (which is listed in the helpfile). This is the preferred method since we will receive the fee without deductions by the regservice - that's why we can even offer you a discount of $4.00 if you are using this method for your registration (see below). Don't worry about sending cash in the mail, just fold it into a sheet of paper so that no one can see the money through the envelope.
  2. by CHECK - just fill in the ONLINE registration form, print it out and mail it along with a check in US Dollars to: RegSoft Check Processing Dept., 9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA (not to me!).

If you need the software on a floppy diskor papers via regular mail, please understand that you have to add $6.00 to the registration fee.

However, you may use the freeware-version as long and on as many computers you like.

You think that the Cannabinatic Screensaver might also be of interest for someone else you know? Tell a friend about the Screensaver, and automatically be entered in our contest to win a Shareware CD! Simply click the image to open the submission form.

Survey - your opinion counts!

We are highly interested in your thoughts and suggestions since keeping in touch with you, the users, has made this program into what it is today.
Please tell us your ideas for features you'd like to see, for new "facts about Cannabis" to be displayed (please mention source), for improvements which could make using the Screensaver even easier, about problems/bugs you found or if you simply have questions regarding the user-configurable program version

-> Cannabinatic Screensaver Discussion


Here is a Screenshot of the Cannabinatic Screensaver. Note that this one shows only one mode for demo purposes - by configuring the settings (at the registered version) you will get a wide variety of options what to display and how to display it !

Big leaf in
"wabbling mode",
cloudy background,
Moving Text ID #102

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