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Various Downloads

Download German string constants for Delphi 4

This file contains german translations for most of the string constants used in Delphi 4. Useful if you have an english version of Delphi 4 and want to create apps showing german dialogs.

Download: (7 k)
Last updated: March 03, 1999

Download "Powered by Delphi" Logos

just 3 of 33 buttons! just 3 of 33 buttons! just 3 of 33 buttons!

At ancient times (1997), in the Delphi-L and the Delphi-Talk mailing lists, we had a discussion about placing a logo in our applications to inform users about the great RAD Tool DELPHI with which we created our applications (find additional information about the campaign at my "Delphi News"-Page).
Since then, we've found and built some nice "prototype" logo images for this purpose (see above), choose the one you like most for placing it in your application as Bitmap. Currently, a total of 36 cool variations is available, also "Powered by JBuilder" and 2 "Powered by C++Builder" variations as well as some great splash screen variations:

Download: (839 kb)

Borland officially supports the "Powered By Delphi" Campaign, so feel free to use the logos and buttons without headache about copyright questions etc. Finally, no one of the creators of these images claims a copyright for them (even not for the Delphi splash screens, according to Anders O. from So their implementation in About-boxes etc. should be a matter of course for each "real" Delphi-Fan (IMHO)...!

If you have created other buttons or optimized one of the above and would like to donate your creation(s) to the Delphi community by offering it for download here, please send them to me (it would be appreciated if they have sort of a "Delphi-look" to ensure their recognizability)!
New: now also contains some variations of the official Delphi splashscreens as well as the official "Powered By Delphi" variations by Borland (find more about Borland's official support page for the campaign by clicking here, and you can find a number of official Borland logos for other purposes here.
Package-Version 3.0, last updated: 01-Aug-02

  Download Text->MBX conversion utility

Converts mail text files (.msg), and mail files created by the popular Freeware/Open Source mail program Phoenix Mail to a Unix/Eudora/Netscape Messenger compatible .MBX file.
Freeware, including Delphi source code.

Download: (200 kb)

Version 0.1, last updated: 17-Mar-99

Download ShootDCL v1.2

ShootDCL removes loaded DLL's from the Windoze memory after crashes of the Delphi IDE (which commonly forced you to restart the whole Windoze-System..). Supports Delphi1, Delphi2, Apollo2, Apollo3. Freeware ! Speaks english and german.

ShootDCL entfernt die nach dem Absturz der Delphi-IDE im Speicher verbliebenen DLL's. Dadurch ersparen Sie sich (die normalerweise ja leider notwendigen..) Windoze-Neustarts ! Unterstützt Delphi1, Delphi2, Apollo2, Apollo3. Freeware ! Unterstützt auch Deutsch !

Download: (97 k)
Last updated: 23.May 1997

Download Delphi-Box's Glyph-Collection

Developers are always looking for high-quality button images ("glyphs") and other graphics. During the times I've collected 9.452 of them from various freeware collections etc., and am offering them to the public domain now.
Note: to save download size, the files are strongly compressed in the Cabinet (.CAB) format, you need an appropriate tool which is capable to extract such archives like Windows Commander or WinZip.
Warning: the collection might easily fill up your disk, especially if it is formatted without FAT32 or the Windows NT file system. You should reserve at least 20 MB free space before starting extraction.

Download: DBoxGlyphs.CAB (1.0 MB) or
send file by email.

(if your browser makes problems downloading, right-click the link with your mouse and choose "Save link as.."!) or try it again at faster Internet times (at late night, for example) by using download tools like NetVampire or Gozilla which will enable you to continue the download from exactly the position where you lost the connection - the file itself is NOT corrupted, I've checked it several times.)
Last update: Sep.06, 1999

Question: Can anyone help us all by organizing them into directories ?

p.s.: you should check out our award-winning utility, the Resource-Grabber, which will scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all Bitmaps, Glyphs (button images), Icons, Cursors, JPEG images and AVI clips it finds inside the programs and DLL files in any directory of your choice. This will give you thousands of high-quality glyphs, images and clips in a few minutes. It's definitely worth a try!

Download .REG file for Delphi 5 registry tweaks

Some undocumented registry settings of Delphi 5 (which -slightly adapted- might also work with Delphi 4 and below) modify the behavior of the Delphi component palette in a manner you may like! Just download the .REG file by right-clicking with your mouse and read the explanations inside to make it work as desired! (no support, no warranties)

Download: D5Tweak.reg (2 k)
Last updated: 26.Jan 2000

Use this button for a link to the Delphi-Box if you like! Download "Delphi-Box" Link Button

Just click on the above image with your right mouse button and select "Save image as.." to save my "Delphi-Box" Site-icon on your computer.

If you'd like to link to my page, please use the URL "" only, because the site is regularely updated and the names of various .HTM-files might change.

Last updated: Aug 11, 1999

Download QrRoundRect component for QuickReports

This component will enable you to print rounded rectangles with QuickReports. Freeware including Source.

Download: (2 k)
Last updated: February 21, 1998

Download "3D-Folders for Windows 95"

This small utility by Andy J.Watts gives your Winblows 95 Desktop a better look !

Download: (3 k)
Last updated: November 22, 1996

Download my Smiley- and Emoticon collection

If you want to know more about what emoticons, acronyms and Smileys like ";-)" or "<RTFM>" are, you should download my collection (about 800 !) of these items.

Download: (16 k)
Last updated: February 22, 1998

Also visit Skorpio's site site who has created a webpage based on my collection!
(seems 2b offline - Skorpio please contact me if you read this! :)

Download the Shareware Market Analysis 1999

In 1999, 3 US students started a big survey about Shareware - its image on the software market, marketing issues, registration incentives, pricing questions and other things which are often discussed controversially amongst developers.
After reading the results of this survey, many questions should be answered and you will learn about important things you should know if you are offering programs as "Shareware".

Please note that the file is quite large (requires 33 MB on your harddisk) and can just be opened by Write or Wordpad (yes, we converted it to RTF in case you don't have Micro$oft Word 97/2000 installed on your machine).

If you are interested in Shareware publishing, be sure to check out the "Publishing your software" section of our DELPHI-BOX!

Download: SW-rpt.EXE (1.2 MB, self-installing executable)    Installed by INF-Tool!
Last updated: 06-Nov-99

Download SmalReg3 for Winblows 95

The enclosed textfile describes a detailled procedure to compress Win9x/ME registry files regardless of their size, or the size of the key values within the registry.
Save space on your harddisk, you'll need it for other huge-sized Micro$oft Applications... ;)

Download: (33 k)
Updated: October 8, 1997

Screensaver Registry Bugfix for NT

On some Windows NT systems it might happen that you see the message "Cannot find NETWORK.DRV" pops up instead of loading your screensaver. I had this problem a few months ago when I had one of my screensavers running (my first thought was "oh no - a bug in one of my programs!) - but no: much detective work resulted in my discovery that this weird behaviour is caused by an incorrect setting in the Windows registry - and please don't ask me what's been causing it, I simply don't know... =:-) However, since I find this question showing up in common Windows support newsgroups quite frequently, I decided to publish my solution, hoping that it might be of help for some of you out there.

After downloading, simply "execute" the .REG file contained in the archive by double-clicking it with your mouse (Warning: of course, you should only apply this fix if if you actually have the described problems. No support, no warranties.)

Download: (0.5 k)
Link updated: 06-Nov-99

RULES.IMA Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam rules

During the times, I have collected a large list of antivirus and anti-spam rules for the IMAP server. If you have this server installed, you could use this ruleset as a basis for your own! Of course you could also use it to set up a list of rules for your email program, other mailservers like Procmail etc. Please be warned, though: No support, no warranties. I can not guarantee that this rule set works on your computer as intended, "as is", it might delete important mails or allow passing unsolicited mails, so it would definitely be important that you check it carefully before activating it on your server. Also, don't forget to read the readme file that's included in the ZIP file below.

Download: (2 k)
Last updated: 13-Sep-02

video.php file for phpBB 3

I have crawled through all 60+ pages of the phpBB community board and incorporated all fixes and updates into one -working- video.php file. Feel free to download - then simply upload video.php file to the root of your phpBB3 installation and add the BBCode in your board's ACP according to the instructions given here.

Download: (7kb)
Last updated: Jul 06, 2010

Download "XSetup32" for Winblows 95

XSetup32 is a tool like the famous PowerToys, but even more powerful and with full Delphi Source !!
You'll need Delphi 2 or higher to rebuild it, if you don't have Delphi, you'll have to download the full 750 kb archive including the executable program.

Download: (55 k)
Last updated: March 02, 1999

Earlier programs written by me

(The following programs are only available on special request.)

AutoFlush flushes your toilet at definable intervals - from every fifteen minutes to every twelve days! Can control up to two toilets at once ! Requires ethernet connection and toilets supporting Swedish digital flushing standards.

Sandwich CAD
Switch from wheat to rye faster than ever before ! Design sandwiches, then make them in your own kitchen ! Sandwich CAD allows manipulations impossible to duplicate in real life ! Comes with cheese sandwich, ham and cheese sandwich templates. Also includes four types of lettuce lattice: Romaine, Boston, Iceberg, and ZapfDingbats.

The premier database for keeping track of your food's expiration dates. Review expiration dates of products bought weeks, even months ago. Switch to Visual Mode and watch Expirience graphically depict how rotten food would be by now. Extrapolation into future possible in Visual Mode for dates up to July 12, 2025.

Chef uses our patented Edibility Algorithm to create original recipes from any ingredients that you enter. The following example recipe was created from inputting the following ingredients: hamburger, eggs, orange juice, boullion cubes.
Egg-Orange Juice-Boullion Cube Surprise
- Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
- Baste egg in orange juice.
- Add hamburger patty to egg-juice mixture.
- Fry under low heat until brown.
- Chill and serve.
- Add boullion cubes to taste.

(Taken from the MirskSoft homepage).

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