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INF-Tool  INF-Tool   v6.3d
The  special  Setup Program and INF Generator for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Lite version now FREE for personal use!

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German version deutschsprachige Version dieses Texts verfügbar!

A short description:

Design full-featured, 32-bit Windows Software Setup solutions
(including Uninstall functionality) in seconds!

INF-Tool offers 6 setup methods which are based on Windows' INF technology. Thus, due to their 100% Windows integration and their incredibly small overhead of only a few KB's (!), INF-Tool will make any other bulky (and expensive) installation software obsolete for you!

easy interface The extremely easy interface of INF-Tool's "single EXE" setup packages will make your installations and updates bullet-proof, even for novice users.
From now on forget about:
  • wasting your time designing installation software
  • wasting your money for "bloatware" installers
  • wasting your customer's and companies' money transferring huge parts of your packages via Internet or Mailboxes just for those inevitable installation routines!

     (Download) SIZE COUNTS - just ask potential customers.

2 versions of INF-Tool are available:
INF-Tool Lite - the FREE installer (for private use and Freeware stuff)
INF-Tool Professional - even more power for just $59.00 (for business use)

Since INF-Tool Lite is now FREEWARE, this makes it the perfect setup solution for non-business organizations and Freeware developers. INF-Tool Professional is one of the most innovative and award-winning 32bit Windows setup programs and continously updated with new features.

Check the INF-Tool feature matrix:
FeatureINF-Tool LiteINF-Tool
Single LicenseFREE$59.00
easy to use, step-by-step interface - also provided by the setup designer
super-small footprint of INF-Tool's single-EXE installer: you won't find anything smaller (see chart below)!34 kb only20 kb only
no requirement to learn any scripting language
integrated support for up to 6 distribution options46
optionally creates Cabinet (.CAB) distribution archives
optionally creates ZIP distribution archives
optionally creates self-extracting Cabinet packages ("Single EXE distribution") 
optionally creates self-extracting ZIP-format packages ("Single EXE distribution")
optionally creates self-extracting multi-volume packages ("disk-spanning") for multi-disk distribution -> allows safer downloads from your website etc. 
allows setup using an included super-small SETUP.EXE utility (only 4 KB!). As a registered user you will get this utility including source code (to give you a starting point for your own changes or extensions!), which will install your files without requiring additional user-interaction. Using this setup method, your users will just have to run "setup", press the [Enter] key ... and that's all! 
supports use of Long File Names, a feature which is generally not supported by Microsoft's original implementation of INF installs 
supports configurable dialogs and prompts for user-defined destination directories, uninstall-prompts like "Are you sure you want to uninstall the GoldStar Editor?" and others. 
uninstall feature (optionally with Start Menu shortcut) with just one mouseclick! 
INF setups generated by INF-Tool can also be installed directly from the "Add/Remove Software" applet of Windows' Control Panel (Win9x,NT)! 
supports modification of AUTOEXEC.BAT and/or CONFIG.SYS under Windows 95 
supports modification of INI files 
creates Desktop shortcuts, Start Menu groups and other shortcut types, even in Windows NT's "All Users" and "Default users" areasStart menu only
allows use of individual icons for all shortcut definitions, even the created setup program! 
easy modification of Registry settings, also supports importing Registry (.REG) files (which, for example, you could have exported from your own Registry)
support for execution of commands and programs or displaying files before and after installation as well as before and after uninstallation 
registers your OCX/TLB/DLL/... files 
automatic registry setup for registering your own file extensions
automatic recognition and installation of True Type Font files
detects which DLL/OCX libraries are required by your program(s) ("dependency check")
fine-tune file copying options for most file types 
optionally creates encrypted distribution packages
supports automated digital signing of your setup (allows trusted downloads) 
optionally creates distribution packages which can't be read or opened by other unpackers 
now also capable of reading and analyzing most INF setup files not created by INF-Tool!
supports batched setups (promptless) 
supports batched setup package generation (allows for automated processing)
integrated special INF File Explorer & Line-Editor
integrated AutoRun.INF file creator for CDROMs (cool for automated CDROM setups) 
up to 99 automated backups of your INF-Tool configuration files 
templates for BDE-, VB5/VB6-, PHP- and other installations available 
works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
royality-free distribution of unlimited # of setup packages(private,
currently supports 27 languages! Bulgarian, Chinese (Big5,GB), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK,US), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
Tool: 20
SFX: 1

Tool: 20
SFX: 27
Detailed help. INF-Tool Professional additionally includes a special "Tips & Tricks" help file covering topics like:

  • how do I install Borland's BDE with INF-Tool?
  • how do I install to a directory which has to be read from registry?
  • how can INF-Tool's super-small "single EXE" Setup package install my customized INF ?
  • how do I install a screen saver?
  • how do I assign alternative icons for a shortcut?
  • how do I re-use my settings for another installation?
  • and many others ...
which will assist you in getting the most out of using INF-Tool and INF setup files in general.
a private Support Forum will inform INF-Tool Professional users about latest features, program versions, usage tips and other useful information. 
ready-to-print RTF manuals for both help files 
6+ months FREE upgrading for INF-Tool Professional - this means you will usually get access to 2-10 updates without additional cost! 

..and even more! All no problem with INF-Tool due to its integration directly into the Windows Operating System.

Comparative File Sizes:

Product Setup package needs Uninstaller needs Total size (download) size counts.
InstallShield 2.0 942 kb 298 kb 1.2 MB
VB Setup Wizard 377 kb 101 kb 478 kb
Wise 6.0 341 kb 126 kb 467 kb
INF-Tool 296 kb 2 kb 298 kb ..which size would you download first?

Use INF-Tool .. it pays:

Click here to see a partial list of the awards and high ratings INF-Tool has achieved and click here to read what INF-Tool Professional users have to say about the program. Recently we have started to set up a list of products installed by INF-Tool Professional.

Download  Download INF-Tool Lite:

Filename: INFTool.EXE (self-installing executable)    Installed by INF-Tool!
File size: 1.5 MB
Last update: 30-Jul-2002
  • Download from US main site
  • Send file by email
  • Download after doing a FTP search
    Find the "ideal" download location by doing a FTP search: the latest versions of INFTool.* should be listed at the top.
Download  INF-Tool Add-ons:
  • Download INF-Tool Language Pack
    This ZIP file contains support for the following additional languages: bulgarian, chinese (GB+Big5), czech, danish, dutch, french, greek, hungarian, italian, norwegian, polish, portugese, russian, serbian, slovenian, slovak, spanish and swedish.
    Just copy the contained .LNG file for your language to the LANG\ subdirectory of INF-Tool and you can select it from the list in the Options tab.
    For your self-extracting setup programs, INF-Tool Professional supports a total of 27 langages. (314 KB, last updated: Jul 30, 2002).
  • Send file by email

Register for INF-Tool Professional NOW!

INF-Tool Lite is Freeware for non-commercial (Freeware, non-business) use. It allows easy-to-use setups for typical requirements of Freeware installations. INF-Tool Professional is the full-featured INF-Tool for professional developers and companies and comes with the full set of features listed above.
For a registration price of just $59.00 (US Dollars) (€ 59,-/SFR 89,-) you will get access to ALL of the described powerful INF-Tool Professional features.

Registering pays.
..not just because INF-Tool Professional offers more functionality than the Lite version ... just read what registered users say about their copy of INF-Tool Professional!

You need more licenses? - save more money!
Companies, schools, universities etc. who need more than 1 license can save by purchasing a site license. Please find detailed information in the INF-Tool help file or simply click the animated image below for a list of available rebates.

There are various ways of registering INF-Tool Professional:

  1. Online-Ordering Just click on the animation to the left (or here if you want lifelong upgrades) and fill out your registration form which also contains a rebate list for multi user licenses. Online registration is processed by, a US company located in Atlanta, because our customers always liked their fast and reliable service.
  2. by REGULAR MAIL - simply send your registration fee to the address listed in the help file. This is the preferred method since we will receive the fee without deductions by the regservice - that's why we can offer you a discount of $5.00 if you are using this method for your registration (see below). Don't worry about sending cash in the mail, just fold it into a sheet of paper so that no one can see the money through the envelope.
  3. by CHECK - fill in the ONLINE registration form, print it out and mail it along with a check in US Dollars to: RegSoft Check Processing Dept., 9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA (not to us directly!).
  4. by PHONE - click here (standard) or here (with lifelong upgrades) to find out about the secure way to register by phone, via toll-free call.
  5. by FAX - fill in the ONLINE registration form (or download it as .RTF/.DOC file), print it out and FAX it to the number 1.800.886.6030 (Toll-Free, US & Canada only), +1 208.279-3837 (International) or (0870)132.248 (United Kingdom).
  6. by EMAIL - email the information directly to
Please don't forget to add the following amount to your registration fee:
  • +$ 5.00 if you need the software on a floppy disk by regular mail
  • -$ 5.00 (a discount!) if you send your registration fee by regular mail

Under normal circumstances, you should receive your registration email 2-22 hours after your registration came in! (please contact us if you waited longer).

You think that INF-Tool might also be of interest for someone else you know? Tell a friend about this slick little tool, and automatically be entered in our contest to win a Shareware CD! Simply click the image to open the submission form.

Survey - your opinion counts!

We're highly interested in your thoughts and suggestions since keeping in touch with you, the developers, has made INF-Tool into what it is today. Please tell us your ideas for features you'd like to see, for improvements which could make using INF-Tool even easier, about problems/bugs you found or if you simply have questions regarding the current program version or the purchase of INF-Tool Professional.

-> INF-Tool Discussion


Here is a Screenshot of INF-Tool:
(please click the image to find a screenshot of better quality)

Step #3
of the
Script design:
(please click this image to see a high-quality screenshot)

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